ITD Virtual and In-Person Staff Training

At ITD we’ve have been delivering staff training virtually for over 10 years and in-person classroom training for over 25 years. This means we’ve got a lot of expertise and experience to share with you.

Our results are excellent and speak for themselves. Take a look at our participant reviews. These show that we design and deliver great training for people all over the world. And that means we could do the same for you.

If you haven’t used virtual training before we at ITD can guide you through the process. We find the learning outcomes are very similar to live classroom training. The thing that many participants miss is the level of social interaction, networking and time for conversation over a coffee during break time.

Online workshops tend to be shorter in length from thirty minutes to three and a half hours. They can be delivered in one off workshops, or a series sessions, so that you get the duration you need.

We encourage lots of interaction with participants involved in discussion and practice throughout. This makes for a more engaging and effective learning experience.

ITD Training Options

Virtual Training
Virtual Training
Leadership training
Leadership Training
management training
Management Training
communication training
Communication Training
Nudge training - door
Nudge Training
personal efficiency training
Personal Development Training
online coaching
Executive Coaching
project management training
Project Management Training
sales training
Sales Training
Sales Management Training
Sales Management Training
open training
Public Open Training Courses
market sector training
Market Sector Specific Training

ITD developing new courses

Presenting a webinar
Presenting a Webinar
diversity & inclusion training
Diversity & Inclusion Training
ITD Work Styles Model
ITD Work Styles Model Training
Pimp my Slides
Pimp My Slides
client care training
Client Care Training
Nudge Sales Training
Nudge Sales Training
working from home
WFH Time Management Training
Written communication skills training - tablet
Written Communication Training
nudge training for lawyers
Nudge Training for Lawyers
managing upwards training
Managing Upwards Training
Training on the Interview Technique of Presenting
Interview Technique Presentations

ITD training gets excellent participant feedback

Staff training from ITD helps people do their work more effectively or more efficiently. We have delivered training in many countries and with thousands of participants, which means we are well placed to help you and your colleagues develop your soft skills.

We develop and deliver high impact staff training in a variety of subjects from leadership to project management. The kind of skill areas which help people improve how they go about their work, because staff training can benefit all of us, whatever our role. We give ideas and explore how to apply them in a workshop style that helps people do what they do a little better, and we do this in a fun and interactive style.

time management training
Read our Participant & Client Reviews

We use Zoom , but we can use your preferrred platform as we have delivered using most of the top systems like Webex, Adobe Connect etc.

Online training really works to support your people and help develop their knowledge and skills. 

This site gives you lots of ideas of the kinds of areas we train in. If you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for we develop new training workshops all the time. Just reach out to us and we’ll discuss how we could help.

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ITD solves your challenges with staff training

ITD time management training

We start with a discussion about your needs, because our training is designed to suit you and we do this at no extra cost. So we ask questions like; What lies behind your need for training? How might training help this? Describe the outcomes you’re looking for? What are the participants’ views? Let’s explore the results we might expect? How will the change or development required be delivered? What kind of follow up should we consider? All of these questions help us to build a better view of what you need and what the training objectives are.

Based on this discussion we develop soft skills training to suit your needs and those of the participants. We’ve been doing this for over 25 years and with such a lot of experience we can easily select the ideas that will have most impact for you. If there is more than one group to train we recommend having a pilot, because even with extensive preparation our experience is that it is always better to test the training first.

Delivering staff training in a workshop style

ITD Presentation Skills Training

One of the things that makes us different is how we deliver our staff training. Some training companies just deliver the same content to everyone, but we work much harder because we tailor the content to suit the needs and challenges of the participants in the room. In this way it is more of a bespoke training solution. When participants share their challenges and we discuss them to find possible solutions, that’s where we excel.

Most of our staff training offerings are delivered in a workshop style so that the participants are looking at their work during the training. With our Presentation Skills Training this is easy to see when participants use their own presentations to practice in the training room. But it also applies to other areas. For example, our Nudge training helps people apply Nudge ideas to help influence others. With our written communication training we help people to improve their planning and structure straight away.

30+ countries & thousands of participants.

We’ve delivered staff training in over 30 countries worldwide, which means we have probably worked with people similar to those in your organisation in terms of their culture and work roles.

Along the way we’ve met thousands of participants and we’ve worked with many different roles. Clients have included many different types  of organisations from charities to biotech and law firms to engineers.  Such broad and extensive experience means that we can hit the ground running in terms of developing a training solution that will best suit your organisation.

During the lockdown with Covid-19 we’ve delivered virtual training to people in many countries. This includes from Australia, China, Singapore, UAE, USA, Canada and across Europe. This means you can choose ITD to deliver training virtually to wherever your people are in the world.

Click on the countries above to read more details on where we’ve worked and what we’ve delivered.

ITD has 25+ years of experience

Soft skills training for over 20 years
One of our first staff training workshops was held in Budapest

We’ve been designing and delivering staff training for over 25 years, which means you can benefit from our experience to design your next training programme. And we’re still learning because we believe you never stop having the chance to learn, refresh and improve. We use an open-loop learning culture which means we’re always aware of opportunities to improve. For example, managing clients’ expectations on the impact of training is crucial and we use our knowledge of behavioural change theories to explore what the probable outcomes of any training intervention will be.

We start with a conversation with you about your needs, those of your organisation and of the participants. Wherever possible we drill this down to behaviours, that is, what behavioural change do you want to see. Then we can design the solution which best suits your needs and is tailored to fulfil your objectives, by helping your people make the changes you want them to.

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ITD clients which have benefited from our training

personal efficiency coaching
Reed Smith
Reed Smith USA

We love working with international organisations and we love working with small local organisations. Different challenges, both very rewarding. We meet inspirational people in all sorts of places doing all sorts of jobs. Staff training includes taking ideas from one sector and applying them to others, so that breadth of experience is to the benefit of our clients and you.

training impact
How to get more impact from your training

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