Staff training from ITD helps people do their work more effectively or more efficiently. We have delivered training in many countries and with thousands of participants, so we can help you and your colleagues develop your soft skills.

We develop and deliver high impact Staff training in a variety of subjects from leadership to project management. The kind of skill areas which help people improve how they go about their work, because staff training can benefit all of us, whatever our role. We give ideas and explore how to apply them in a workshop style that helps people do what they do a little better, and we do this in a fun and interactive style.

Writing Skills Workshops

5.0 rating
November 25, 2019

Martin ran 4 tailored workshops for us for staff at all levels including the CEO about impactful writing skills and why it is so important to get it right. The sessions were informative, highly engaging and practical, even with a hint of fun! The workshops really got people thinking, everyone took something away – very enjoyable, thank you Martin!

Nicola Smith - Head of HR, IAM RoadSmart

Nudge training course

5.0 rating
November 25, 2019

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the day. It was very relevant to our job and we all enjoyed the level of discussion.
We compiled a long list of ideas that came out of the workshop, that we can use. It motivated the team to look at things differently.
Thank you Martin for your patience and great presentation.


Nudge training TVBC

5.0 rating
August 1, 2019

The whole session was incredibly helpful, really practical information that we have already started to use in our work.
I found it especially useful to use real work examples which allowed us to see very literally how we could apply the learning to the things we were working on.
The whole session had a good atmosphere and really supported people to offer their ideas but also being challenged on what we already do, very valuable.

Hollie French

Excellent Course

5.0 rating
August 1, 2019

The course provided really practical advice on how to effectively encourage positive choices, delivered in a way that made it immediately applicable to our work.

Dave Growcott
time management training
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Solving your challenges with staff training

Time management skills training

We start with a discussion about your needs, because our training is designed to suit you and we do this at no extra cost. So we ask questions like; What lies behind your need for training? How might training help this? Describe the outcomes you’re looking for? What are the participants’ views? Let’s explore the results we might expect? How will the change or development required be delivered? What kind of follow up should we consider?

Based on this discussion we develop soft skills training to suit your needs and those of the participants. We’ve been doing this for over 20 years and with such a lot of experience we can easily select the ideas that will have most impact for you. If there is more than one group to train we recommend having a pilot, because even with extensive preparation our experience is that it is always better to test the training first.

Delivering staff training in a workshop style

Presentation Skills Training

One of the things that makes us different is how we deliver our staff training. Some training companies turn up and deliver the same content to everyone, but we work much harder because we tailor the content to suit the needs and challenges of the participants in the room. In this way it is more of a bespoke training solution. When participants share their challenges and we discuss them to find possible solutions, that’s where we excel.

Many of our staff training offerings are delivered in a workshop style so that the participants are looking at their work during the training. With our Presentation Skills Training this is easy to see when participants use their own presentations to practice in the training room. But it also applies to our Nudge training which helps people apply the Nudge ideas to help  influence others.

30+ countries & thousands of participants.

We’ve delivered staff training in over 30 countries worldwide, which means we have probably worked with people similar to those in your organisation in terms of their culture and work roles.

Along the way we’ve met thousands of participants and we’ve worked with many different roles. Clients have included many different types  of organisations from charities to biotech and law firms to engineers.  Such broad and extensive experience means that we can hit the ground running in terms of developing a training solution that will best suit your organisation.

Click on the image above to go to our ‘About’ page for more details on where we’ve worked and what we’ve delivered.

20+ years experience

Soft skills training for over 20 years
One of our first staff training workshops was held in Budapest

We’ve been designing and delivering staff training for over 20 years, which means you can benefit from our experience to design your next training programme. And we’re still learning because we believe you never stop having the chance to learn, refresh and improve. We use an open-loop learning culture which means we’re always aware of opportunities to improve. For example, managing clients’ expectations on the impact of training is crucial and we use our knowledge of behavioural change theories to explore what the probable outcomes of any training intervention will be.

We start with a conversation with you about your needs, those of your organisation and of the participants. Wherever possible we drill this down to behaviours, that is what behavioural change do you want to see. Then we can design the solution which best suits your needs and is tailored to fulfil your objectives, by helping your people make the changes you want them to.

Big & small client organisations

nudge staff training
soft skills training
communication skills training
Negotiating fees
communication skills training
soft skills training

We love working with international organisations and we love working with small local organisations. Different challenges, both very rewarding. We meet inspirational people in all sorts of places doing all sorts of jobs. Staff training includes taking ideas from one sector and applying them to others, so that breadth of experience is to the benefit of our clients and you.

Developing innovative staff training ideas

Project Management Training at

We love to develop new ideas which help people to learn. This is achieved by developing our own IP (Intellectual Property) and sharing this with participants to help them learn how to do their work in a smarter way. The tiger in the image above is taken from our Tiger-Taming project management training brand, created to make project management training more engaging. Explore tiger-taming.

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Staff Training Brands

presentation skills training

Presentation Skills Training

Explore more about how our innovative approach presentation skills training can build your confidence and improve your impact

Tiger-Taming full


Learn about our creative approach of Tiger-Taming project management training and how it can help your project completion

assertiveness training

Assertiveness Training

Discover more about how our Assertiveness Training can develop your confidence using our knowledge of behavioural change theories applied to your situations

Customer service training

Customer Service Training

Find out more about how our Customer Service Training can improve your relationships and the satisfaction of your clients

target sales training

Target Sales Training

Explore our Target Sales Training brand website with lots of ideas and free tip sheets.

Finance training

Finance for non finance Training

Find out how our finance training could your people improve their understanding of budgeting and the finances

time management skills training

Time Management Training

Learn about how our time management training can help you get better organised, make better use of your time, improve assertiveness and get home on time!

Nudge training schiphol airport

Nudge Training

Discover how our Nudge training gives you new ideas on how to influence others and get better results in working with both colleagues and clients.

Management training

Management Training

Read more about our Management Training which can help you with the processes and people management skills required to manage an efficient team

culture leadership training

Leadership Training

Discover how our Leadership Training can help you create the right culture in your organisation leading to better performance and improved results.

time management training

Personality Training

Read about how our Personality Model can help you understand you, your behaviours and those of your clients and colleagues.

Teamwork training


Learn about how our teamwork training can help your team work more effectively through better understanding.

Drive negotiating training

Drive Negotiation Training

Our Drive Negotiating Training gives you ideas on the process and skills to improve your negotiating skills.

Law firm training

Training for Law Firms

Visit our Law Firm Training pages to explore courses for both lawyers and business services.

1 to 1 coaching

Executive Coaching

Our 1 to 1 Coaching service helps you with personal development on specific issues such as with a major presentation. We also help with coaching in challenging situations.

Personal efficiency training

Personal Efficiency Training

Read about out Personal Efficiency Training is an advanced time management training; helping with ideas and behavioural change theories to help you make the changes you want to make.

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