Tailored Training
Tailored training means it is adapted to your needs and market

Tailored Training

Our tailored training aims at creating training which is relevant and made to suit your needs and objectives. The approach is to ensure our training does exactly what you want it to do. It means making sure the content, style and delivery is what you want it to be. Making the training precisely what you want it to be means it will deliver on your objectives.

What is tailored training

Tailored training is customized learning designed to address specific needs and goals. It’s personalized to the individual or organisation, ensuring content relevance and maximum impact. By targeting precise areas for improvement, tailored training delivers focused and efficient learning experiences, driving measurable results.

How is it tailored

We tailor our training in a number of ways:


Training content can be tailored by focusing on specific topics relevant to learners’ needs. Customisation ensures that training addresses key challenges and goals, maximizing relevance and engagement. By adapting content to meet the unique requirements of participants, tailored training delivers targeted learning experiences, driving meaningful skill development and growth.


Tailoring training involves using language and words familiar to learners, enhancing comprehension and engagement. By adjusting terminology and communication style to resonate with participants, training becomes more accessible and effective. This tailored approach ensures that learners grasp concepts more easily, facilitating knowledge retention and application in real-world scenarios.


Next, we consider context. Through disussion with you we gain an undertsanidng of the context you want the trainig to be delivered. For example, it might be a skill area the firm wants to be merely aware of, or wants evertyone to get a lot better at. We acn emphasis this context in the way we design the training.


We use examples to illustrate ideas in our tailored training. These examples are taken from your world. For example, with our written communication training we ask you for examples of writing which illustrate the need for change.


When we design practice scenarios for participants to test their skills, we design these based on your needs. These might be scripts for reading out and analysis, or role-plays for practice. We make sure these are tailored to your world so that they feel like relevant situations ot the participants.

How much does it cost

We don’t charge for tailoring our training as it is all included in our fees. So this means you can get the training you really want at no extra cost.

How does it work

We start by asking you lots of questions about what you want the training to achieve. A discussion about your market, your people and your objectives follows. We’ve been tailoring training for a long time so we’re used to these discussions and the right questions to ask. From this talk we create a draft proposal for your consideration.

How does tailored training benefit you as a client

Tailored training means you get training which is more relevant to your organisation than off the shelf training. It also means your people will have an easier job in relating the ideas in the training to their work and behaviours.

What is the impact for participants

Our participants tell us again and again how relevant and engaging our tailored training is. Tailoring makes the training a better use of their time and much more relevant to their world. It means they don’t have to struggle to understand the relevance of any ideas introduced in a workshop. They can see straight away how an idea could work for them and how to implement a new idea. That’s because we frame ideas in their world, from their perspective.

What do participants say

When you read our reviews you will see how much our participants value the effort we put in to tailoring our training to their needs. It means they enjoy training which is relevant and useful.

Start the conversation

If you are interested in exploring how tailored training could help you deliver your objectives, just reach out and start the conversation by completing the form below. We’ll email or call you back.

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