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Management Training and Coaching

The ISTA contacted us to design and deliver management training and coaching for a small group of their managers. Whilst these managers have key roles and are very successful, the idea was to enhance this with semi-formal training and coaching.


The International Seed Testing Association is an independent, non-profit organization founded during the 4th International Seed Testing Congress in 1924.

It is anon-governmental international organization with a membership of 168 national standards bodies. Through its members, it brings together experts to share knowledge and develop voluntary, consensus-based, market relevant International Standards that support innovation and provide solutions to global challenges.


The need was to build on the managers’ success with training ideas and strategies to help them in their day to day work.


We designed a series of 2-hour virtual training sessions. These were developed in a dynamic way, meaning that the agenda for each session was adapted based on the conversations that occurred in the previous session. Each one of the management training and coaching sessions was a blend of discussion, presenting ideas and coaching.

The sessions were separated by several weeks to allow for application of the ideas discussed.

Practical people management training is useful for anyone new to the manager role. As managing people can be both rewarding and challenging, this training gives you the chance to reflect on the key skills required to increase your success. Each part of the agenda is explained, illustrated and applied within the context of ISTA.

This practical workshop gives participants the chance to reflect on their skills and identify areas for development. Through discussion and practice, the participants work together to develop their approach. Scenarios used for practice, are based on ISTA business needs in this engaging and practical workshop.


The outcomes of the training included:

  1. Building awareness of different approaches and models which can be used when managing people.
  2. Using models to look at situations differently, creating a new mindset to apply to situations going forward.
  3. Increased confidence in how to manage a team.

Participant Feedback

The participants were highly engaged in all the session. verbal feedback after each one was very good.

“I recently attended the Practical People Management Training and it was an exceptional experience. The program provided valuable insights into effective communication, different working styles, and team building. The interactive approach and real-world scenarios shared by the instructor made the learning engaging and relatable. I now feel more confident in my ability to lead and manage my team effectively. This training is a must for anyone looking to enhance their people management skills.”

“During the sessions with Martin, I could reflect about my leading style and how it can be improved. Many thanks for sharing your knowledge with us and all practical advices. Martin was absolutely flexible and happy to adapt the programme to our needs.

I really enjoyed the pleasant and open atmosphere in our small group.”

Client Comment

We expect to get written client comments later in 2023.

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