Nudge Sales Training
Our Nudge Sales Training is engaging and practical

Nudge Sales Training

Our Nudge Sales Training gives you an original way of looking at sales situations. We have taken Nudge and applied it, with our knowledge of sales, to create a unique sales training experience. These Nudge sales workshops can give your sales people a new set of tools to approach clients and prospects. And the workshop style means participants are engaged and involved, whether you choose the virtual or live option.

What do Participants Say?

What is Nudge?

Nudge is a way of influencing people to make a decision within a range of options available. Nudge ideas were first explored by Richard Thaler who went on to be awarded the Nobel Prize for economics. Whilst Nudge is applied at policy level by national governments, it can also be applied at a local, office and individual level in everyday communication and in sales situations. 

How does Nudge Sales Training work?

We have taken the Nudge principles and broken them down into single ideas. These ideas can then be applied to an individual or group’s way of working. Building on these we have developed new ideas like the Reverse Nudge and the Nudge Review. Our Nudge Sales Workshops uses this way of thinking and applies it to sales situations.

What is unique about ITD Nudge Sales Training

Our Nudge Sales Training is unique in three ways. Firstly, we tailor the training to your specfic needs and to your market place. This means the training is very relevant and can be applied straight away by the sales team. Next we develop scenarios and role plays specific to your organisation so that the transfer of new knowledge to practical skill is much shorter. Lastly we have developed unique Nudge ideas including the Reverse Nudge and the Nudge Review.


Our Nudge Sales Training is available in two hour, three hour, or full day workshops. We also offer a programme of workshops which combine to give you a development programme tailored to your business and objectives.

Live or Virtual

Each Nudge sales training workshop is delivered live, or virtually using Zoom or similar platform

Workshop Style

This is a highly engaging and lively workshop with participants discussing the ideas of Nudge throughout. The workshop gives participants a good understanding of Nudge, the theories behind it and how it could apply to their work situations.

Retaining and offering choice is an essential element of Nudge



We explain the background to Nudge, the impact it can have and how nudges are all around us. Participants make observations of Nudges that they have seen and we discuss the impact of these and how they work.

Sales Challenges

Participants offer challenges they have in sales and we add to these with some classic sales situations. This is a very practical discussion of the reality of selling in your market. Which means we  include competitors, internal sales processes and looking ahead to future market challenges.

Nudge Ideas

We introduce a number of Nudge ideas and apply these to the sales peoples’ accounts and sales challenges. The ideas include Make it Easy, Make it Normal and Choice Atchitecture to name but three.

Creating Actions

Each participants takes individual accounts, people and situations and use the Nudge ideas to develop specific actions.


Our Nudge Sales Training has the following outcomes:

  1. Participants learn the basics of Nudge, what it’s about and how it works.
  2. Each person applies the ideas of Nudge to their own sales situations and accounts.
  3. Participants leave with specific actions to try back in the workplace.

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