Fee Negotiation Training for Partners

We worked with VBB on a number of training workshops before being asked for this session for partners.


Van Bael & Bellis is a leading independent law firm based in Brussels and London
Established in 1986. They house a multi-jurisdictional team of lawyers who provide specialised advice to clients ranging from multinational corporations and government bodies to international trade associations and international law firms.

Since inception, they have developed a reputation as one of the most skilful teams of lawyers in their areas of expertise. They have a third office in Geneva exclusively dedicated to WTO matters.


Negotiating fees is a fundamental skill for partners, but one which many find challenging. The type of challenges can be varied in source, from work style (personality) based, to very specific situations. The need was to provide partners with ideas on how to improve their skill in fee negotiations in a variety of situations.


We designed a 90-minute virtual workshop. This was based on email submissions from partners on their specific challenges in negotiating fees. The workshop was tailored to these needs.

The session was very much a workshop with lots of discussion on how ideas applied to specific situations. It also involved the training consultant answering questions on specific challenges.


Each participant left with very specific actions to implement in their fee negotiating. the received the PowerPoint used in the session as a pdf. They also had access to the trainer for further questions.

Participant Feedback

“Thanks for the great presentation, Martin, I think this is very interesting training.”

Client Comment

“Fantastic! Thank you.”

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