Practical Management Training
Success at management requires a thoughtful approach.

Online Practical Management Training

Our online Practical Management Training is delivered using Zoom, but we can use whatever platform you prefer. We’ve designed and delivered online training using Adobe Connect, Webex and most of the major platforms. And we’ve being doing it for over 10 years.

Perhaps the surprising thing about online training is that the outcomes are often very similar to live face to face training. The downside is often that participants don’t enjoy the benefits of social interaction.

Our online management training sessions are delivered in 60 to 90 minute sessions. They are workshop in style with interaction, participation and discussion throughout.

Practical Management training

Practical Management training is required  by anyone new to the manager role, or who is expecting to take on a management role. Management principles apply to direct line managers and dotted line or project managers. With project managers the emphasis is on motivation and timely completion of tasks to the correct standard. With people managers the emphasis is on managing diverse people in a group working with internal or external clients.

Practical Management training at ITD

Practical Management training from ITD is, of course, practical and focuses on your requirements and the improvements you need to see in your organisation. Our training is a balance of researched theories, experience and practical application. Ideally clients want their people to be able to apply new ideas straight away in their role and with their people. The unique ITD action planning tool will give your people the best opportunity to do just that.

Practical Management training with ITD is tailored to the needs of your organisation and of your managers. We develop and deliver practical training which helps improve performance.

Typical challenges of participants

  1. “I’m new to management and I want to know what are the basics.”
  2. “I’ve got a really diverse team and want to learn how to manage them.”
  3. “How do I develop people?”
  4. “I want to make sure the team performs to a consistently high standard.”
  5. “I’ve got a great team except for one person who is really dragging their feet.”
  6. “How do I motivate my team?”

How do we tailor our Practical Management Training to suit your needs?

  1. Whilst we have our models and ideas, we will discuss your needs and objectives to ensure the training fulfils your expectations.
  2. We will then create a draft proposal and training agenda for your approval.
  3. Once agreed we develop the training content and review this with you.

Practical Management Training Overview

Pre-workshop activity

  1. Pre workshop questionnaire.
  2. Articles to read.

Management Training Agenda

  1. Introductions & objections.
  2. Challenges with practical management.
  3. The different roles; team leader, manager, senior manager.
  4. Stepping up from doer to manager.
  5. Behavioural changes required in becoming a manager.
  6. Management styles – defining your style.
  7. Management style models.
  8. How personality impacts you management style.
  9. Strategic v tactical considerations.
  10. Focusing on what really matters and defining what really matters.
  11. Requirements to manage upwards.
  12. Challenging situations; case studies.
  13. Managing people from Day 1.
  14. Workshop summary.
  15. Personal action plans.

Post workshop activity?

  1. Personal action email.
  2. 121 coaching.
  3. ITD management blog post ideas.
  4. Suggested reading.
Management usually involves a lot of reporting as well as implementing projects.

What do people gain from our management training?

  1. Frameworks for how to approach the role of manager.
  2. Reflections on their management style.
  3. Ideas on how to resolve challenging or difficult situations.
  4. Ideas on how to motivate their people.
  5. How to coach people to improve performance, capability and confidence.
  6. Specific actions to implement in their work.

Practical Management training case study

Cambridge Cognition is the leading global provider of cognitive assessment software for use in clinical trials, academic research and healthcare provision – advancing research, diagnosis and treatment in mental health worldwide.

The business has experienced the typical growing challenges of any organisation experiencing growth in a technological field. A new role of team leader was created to oversee teams of people in all the different departments.

The need was to help these team leaders with a comprehensive overview of managing people.

We met with the team leaders and senior management to gain a good understanding of both the training needs but also the business culture. The latter is important for us to put the training into context of the participants’ reality. We then designed a programme of one day training interventions spread over 6 months:

The main outcomes of the people management training were:

  • Participants gained clear ideas on the fundamentals of people management, including the key processes
  • These new team leaders had an opportunity to discuss their challenges and get ideas from the ITD training consultant on what to do.
  • Confidence was built by having the programme spread over several months.
  • “It was good to keep the training focused on our situations”
  • “We enjoyed discussing our challenges and practising possible solutions”
  • “I liked the idea that the sessions were spread over months, so we had time to learn and then get together to discuss what happened.”

“Very pleased with the approach and the delivery which really focused on our people and their needs.”


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