Visitor & Contact Care Training

The Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Multi-Academy Trust offer a broad and balanced curriculum enriched with visitors, visits, events and activities to inspire in each child a joy of learning, a nurturing of unique and individual talents and to provide memories that will sustain them beyond their time at school and equip them for later life. At the GSA they have, and encourage the children to have, high expectations of themselves and what they can achieve as it is through this and hard work that they will reach their full potential and life goals.


The participants for this training was those who answer the telephone and greet visitors, who can be existing external stakeholders and external stakeholders who are prospects of schools and the nursery. The numbers involved includes people from 21 schools and more with another trust joining the group.


The need for training on visitor & contact care is key in a competitive market where potential external stakeholders have expectations as to how their enquiries will be handled. The brand values of the Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Multi-Academy Trust need to be translated by everyone who answers the phone, to give prospective external stakeholders the experience the brand communicates.


The training was constrcuted as a three hour vrtsula session. Particpnats came from multople sites. The agenda was desigend with the participant managers involved. This content was delivered as a highly interactive workshop with participants engaged in discussion as a group, working in small groups in breakout rooms.


Each participant completed the session with a number of personal actions for immediate implementaton. These were followed up by their mnaagers.

Participant Feedback

The following image is a screengrab from the virtual workbook.

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