Written Communication Skills

Commvault contacted us to arrange a virtual training workshop for their worldwide subscription conversions team, based in US. 


Commvault aim to inspire innovative solutions that challenge the norm. From annual hackathons to unlimited PTO, the company culture generates rare energy that powers the ability to rethink what’s possible and astonish customers. To connect. To inspire. To deliver. To care.

How data is managed has everything to do with the degree to which clients succeed. That’s where Commvault comes in.

Their Intelligent Data Services can help drive greater efficiency by transforming how data is protected, stored, and used – regardless of where it lives or how it’s structured. One solution. One experience. Endless possibilities.  

Be ready when disaster strikes. Ready when cybercriminals take their best shot. Ready to capitalize when opportunities arise.


The overall needs is for professional development to compete effectively in the market. To drill down, the need for training is for participants to write more concise, clear emails and other communications. Not doing this causes inefficiency and time wasting with over complex communication.

Sometimes emails might be too long, too much info, too vague, etc. Concise and clear communication would be more effective and efficient with emails, PPT proposals, and close plan docs.


The plan was to design and deliver a virtual training three-hour workshop with the desired outcomes including:

  1. Raising the participants’ awareness of how to write clear, concise emails.
  2. Ideas on how to draft clear concise emails.
  3. Applying these ideas to actual emails.
  4. Personal action plans to implement.


Each participant completed the workshop with clear actions to  immediately implement in their writing .

Participant Feedback

Here are some of the comments from the participants:

  • I started practicing right away
  • “I’m now using bullets!”
  • Reminder to take one step at a time so not to get overwhelmed with all of the positive changes we are looking to make – it almost took longer to get my note out because I was over analyzing everything I learned!
  • Time flew by!
  • “Keep it simple!”

Client Comment

“We sincerely appreciate the opportunity to work with you on improving our written communication skills!”

“Thank you again for your direction and preparing examples that really resonated with the team. Looking forward to sharing some of the details with my direct VP and following through with specific action items.”