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In a touch screen world good writing skills are still required

Written communication skills training review

“Martin ran 4 tailored  Written Communication Skills Training workshops for us for staff at all levels including the CEO about impactful writing skills and why it is so important to get it right. The sessions were informative, highly engaging and practical, even with a hint of fun! The workshops really got people thinking, everyone took something away – very enjoyable, thank you Martin!”

Nicola Smith – Head of HR, IAM RoadSmart

Half Day Written Communication Skills Training - Virtual Workshop

virtual written communication skills training

Our half day virtual written communication skills workshop gets great feedback because of the level of engagement. You are working on your skills throughout the session. Ideas are introduced, explained, applied and then put into the context of your situations.

  • Begin with your objective.
  • Planning the structure.
  • Assessing your audience.
  • Guidelines for the document.
  • Sentence structure.
  • Paragraph structure.
  • Grammar that matters.
  • Common errors.
  • Practical application.

3.5 hours

Virtual Workshop

Up to 12 participants

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Full Day Written Communication Skills Training - Virtual Workshop

virtual written communication skills training

The full day version of this training builds on what the half day covers. We go into more detail and discuss your situations in more depth. And there’s time for you to do more practice of the ideas introduced, within the context of your work environment.

  • All half day content plus:
  • Examples of your documents.
  • The role of personality.
  • What your audience wants to see.
  • The writing principles of Nudge.
  • Personal examples, before and redrafted.
  • Influencing through writing.
  • Tailoring your draft.
  • Personal actions.

7 hours in 2 sessions

Virtual Workshop

Up to 12 participants

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Written communication skills training

Our written communication skills training helps people to improve their writing in terms of emails, proposals, documents and presentations. It works firstly on reminding participants of those principles we often forget from school days, such as the essentials of different types of words. We then add to these with guidelines for clear and professional writing. 

We do this using examples from your organisation, and those from participants, so that the session is relevant and interesting.

Written communication skills training is more relevant than ever; in the age of tweets, text abbreviations and bullet point language, the ability to write ‘properly’ can be seen as a competitive advantage and a good skill to have. That’s because clear communication of your message is crucial for the reader to understand your point.

Writing in a concise and impactful manner can communicate your brand values and the quality of your offering.  Making elementary mistakes can create the wrong impression with prospects and clients. In many markets such as with law firms, or industry bodies, writing skills are part of the mix to give clients confidence.

Training Reviews

Engaging and useful workshop that was perfectly tailored to its audience

Rated 5 out of 5
August 4, 2022

Martin delivered a really engaging and useful in-person workshop on communication and presenting skills. What made it so good was Martin’s willingness to work with us beforehand to understand who his audience would be and their needs, and then tailor the both the content and the delivery to suit. The result was pitch-perfect and met all of our objectives.

Peter webb

Interactive and Informative

Rated 5 out of 5
July 12, 2022

The sessions lead by Martin provided some great guidance on how to deal with clients in a way that best suits their needs. Each session was very interactive, and I enjoyed that we could all bounce ideas off of each other.

Ella C-W

Many useful little tips

Rated 5 out of 5
July 12, 2022

It was engaging and I was able to take away quite a few little tweaks to improve my presentations. Can only recommend.

Brendan M

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Style of the training

Our written communication skills training is run as a workshop. This means it is highly engaging, informative and even fun. 

Rules and guidelines are introduced using examples from actual written documents. These can include emails, leaflets, proposals, agreements, contracts, or whatever documents you wish to cover.

To take this workshop approach one step further, the content can be based on specific examples from your organisation and the participants themselves. For example, they can bring in emails they have sent or received to illustrate written communication.

Typical training needs from previous participants

  • “When should I use bullet points?”
  • “When are apostrophes appropriate?”
  • “I need some simple tips on writing clearly, that is writing ideas in a clear way.”
  • “Punctuation tips please.”
  • “I don’t know the basic rules of grammar and punctuation.”

Training tailored to your requirements

  • Whilst we have a structured agenda to start with, at the same time it’s important that we adapt this with examples and scenarios from your organisation. This means we talk to key people involved and get examples of good and bad performance from the context of the participants.
  • We draft scenarios and further examples which illustrate the key points you want us to make, so that the training is targeted to your needs.
  • During the session we also tailor the content by responding to the participants needs. For example, if we are asked a question about how to influence in a letter, we will make suggestions on how to do this.
  • We make this a very practical session. Participants work on typical documents from their department, or practice area, whilst discussing key principles and gaining a lot of knowledge.

Pre-workshop activity

  • We request examples of good and poor written communication from your organisation, so that the content is based in your world.
  • A draft workshop outline tailored to your needs, is created so that you can review and amend.
  • Participants complete a short questionnaire in preparation for the workshop, in order for us to gain their perspetive and needs form the training.
  • Participants complete the ITD Work Styles Model online, which helps them to reflect on the drivers of their writing style in the workshop.

Written communication skills training agenda


  • Effective written communication defined.
  • What are the key qualities?
  • The risks of getting it wrong.

Reader Assessment

  • Who is going to read this document?
  • Adjusting the structure, content and language based on an assessment of the reader.
  • Building rapport with the reader.

Clear Aims

  • Why am I writing this document?
  • The purpose statement.


  • The best way to achieve the objective.
  • Structure and content.

Building Blocks: Paragraphs, Sentences, Words and Phrases

  • An explanation of the basics.
  • Making it clear & concise.
  • Writing shorter sentences.
  • Choice of words.
  • Getting the tone right.
  • Common pitfalls and how to avoid them.

Punctuation Guide

  • How are punctuation marks used?
  • Avoiding common mistakes.

Hints on Writing to Persuade

  • How do I get people to do what I want?
  • Simple ways to make documents persuasive.

Review & Personal Actions

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Clear written communication is essential in many roles

Why choose ITD?

1. We adapt and tailor the training to suit your organisation, this gives it maximum relevance and impact.

2. With our unique blend of training and coaching the session will help your people develop their skills as they learn, so that the impact is immediate.

3. Our training gives participants exactly what they need in a well created open learning environment, which means they feel comfortable to discuss their challenges.

4. The examples and case studies we use are based on your needs. These are often taken from documents you provide us, because this makes training more relavant.

5. Our training can also encompass your written house style, so that key messages are reinforced.

6. We always get great feedback from this training, so join other clients in improving their written communication skills with ITD.

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