project management training
ITD Project Management Training is practical workshop style skill development

Project Management Training

Project management training is needed by more people, who do not have professional project management roles, but who do manage projects day to day.

Our practical project management approach is ideal if you just need to have a better approach to organising your projects.

Our training is tailored to your needs, it can be virtual or live and it’s based on your projects. You work on one of your projects during the session, so that you apply the skills and ideas covered starigh away. This makes for better more practical learning.

Tailored Training

All of our training workshop are tailored. This means we adapt the contents to suit your requirements and the needs of the participants. We do this by starting through a conversation with you about what you want the training to achieve. We discuss the kinds of projects the participants are involved in and we use some of these as examples in the training. This makes the training more useful  for you and your people, as well as more interesting for us.

Training Options

virtual project management training
Virtual Project Management Training
introduction to project management
1 hour Introduction to Project Management
professional project management training
1 day Project Management Training
project management course
2 day Project Management Training
virtual teamwork training
Virtual Teamwork Training
Personality at work
Personality At Work Training

Project Management Training Course Contents

The contents below gives you an idea of the training; we will adapt the contents according to your requirements, to make sure you get exactly what you need.

Onine Project Planning Tool

During the training we use our online project planning tool. This saves your work and becomes a live planning tool after the session. What’s more, you can plan up to five of your projects using this tool.

Workshop Objectives

The final piece of tailoring the training to your needs happens at the start of the workshop. We ask each participant for their objectives for the workshop. We then fine tune the content to address those objectives.

Need for Project Planning & Management

We look at the reasons why project planning and management is required and the risks of not planning.

Project Planning Overview

It is important to take a look at the big picture and see where the workshop is heading. We discuss an overview of the factors of project planning including; objectives, facts, law, people and process & planning.

Project Objectives

It is vital to consider all the aspect of your project’s objectives before you start. This can include writing down what the overall mission is, and then the specific objectives. Considering success criteria can be a very revealing exercise, as the difference between implenting a project and the desired outcomes are specified.

A section of our training which very often brings active discussion is when we cover the assumptions. We then go on to look at budgeting, financial resources and the overall terms of reference for the project.


To avoid making assumptions our review of project planning includes asking what do we know, what don’t we know and what areas of law are involved.


If you are planning a legal project then it can be vital to review the pertinent areas of the law. This includes what is believed to be understood, as well the strengths and weaknesses of the legal perspectives.


Considering the people aspects of a project can be the most interesting and revealing. It is often where many project stumble. For this reason we look at a wide variety of roles in any project including:

  • Client Contacts.
  • Transaction owner.
  • Transaction manager.
  • Team.
  • Others involved.
  • Others impacted.

We look at the key milestones in your project and then drill down into the detailed tasks.


The detailed planning of your project includes exploring both internal and external communication factors. We need to review what other resources are needed. The financial aspects and implications can easily be overlooked, especially in smaller projects and often not costing in people’s time. In this section we also look at contingency planning and planning tools like Gantt charts.

Our project management training can be virtual or live


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