Virtual Training
Our Virtual Training gets great results

Our Virtual Training is effective and gets great results, just check out our participant reviews below. 

Covid-19 has seen a meteoric rise in the number of people having to work from home. As a result the need for training through the computer has followed.

The challenges that this kind of training create means that we have to work harder to make it effective. Above all we have to keep the participants’ engaged. because we consistently achieve this, the results are outstanding.

Virtual Training

These are some of the Virtual Courses you can buy from ITD.

Virtual Presentation Skills Training
Virtual Presentation Skills Training
managing remote employees training
Managing Remote Employees Training
virtual project management training
Virtual Project Management Training
virtual teamwork training
Virtual Teamwork Training
Virtual Management Training
Virtual Management Training
virtual leadership training
Virtual Leadership Training

Training Reviews

The following training reviews have been written by participants of our virtual training since March 2020. It’s most important that they are positive about our work, so we really care about their feedback.

Features of our Training Virtually

Workshop Style

Our sessions are workshop in style, which means we focus on real situations and explore practical solutions.

Participant engagement

Part of the workshop style is how we engage participants. With training virtually we have found that it is even more necessary to keep everyone engaged. This means we work really hard at involving you at every step in the workshop. That’s because, if you’re enaged and involved you’re more likely to learn. Take a look at our reviews to see how well we do this.

Tailored to your needs

When you book training with us, we will discuss how you need the training tailored. For example you might need the virtual presentation skills training to focus on a specific type of presentation like a sales call. or you might need the virtual management training to emphasis key skills in managing people remotely. This means you get the training to do exactly what you want it to do. 

Experienced trainers

Our trainers are experienced in both the subject matter and in training delivery. As a result the reviews we get always score us very high on content and particpant engagement. Just take a look at our reviews to see what participants have said.

Great price

We set our training sessions at great prices and we always fit our client’s budgets. For example, if you’ve got a set budget, talk to us about your situation and we will design the training session to suit your needs. We work with large and small organisations so we’ve almost certainly experienced your situation before. Contact us for more details on this.


Our existing clients know us for the following statement; Whatever the question, the answer is yes. For instance some clients need us to deliver the training in a limited amount of time. In this sitation we agree the learning priorities and modify the agenda to fit these needs.

Remote Training Workshops
Virtual sessions need to give participants ideas they can use straight away.

Challenges of virtual training

Training in the virtual world has a number of challenges to over come in order to be successful and get great participant feedback. Here are some of the most common examples.


There are many distractions that can divert the participants’ attention during a virtual session. Firstly there are emails which might pop up on screen or on the participants’ phone. Secondly other work with an urgent deadline and that needs to get done might be distracting. Thirdly messages via WhatsApp, Skype etc. can distract participants. And finally there might be other people, even children that could distract the participants.


Whilst technology has developed over the years there is always the chance that sinal can be lost. Participants might dip in and out of the session. In other words, you might expect people who are in the session, will stay in the session, but this is not always the case.

Attention span

Sitting in front of a screen for hours at a time can be challenging, especially if a participant is not actively involved. In a live classroom the human interaction and social engagement helps to keep peopel focussed. Whereas in the virtual world this natural activity is hard to replicate.

All of these potential challenges with training virtually mean that we have to work even  harder to deliver great results. At ITD we do this consistently well by:

  1. Designing the training carefully so that every piece of content is relevant to each participant.
  2. Creating bite size learning points that will make sense to all the participants.
  3. Engaging the participants all the way through the session.
  4. Bringing each learning point to life with real examples.

Participant countries of our virtual training

We have had participants on our virtual sessions from the following countries; Australia, Singapore, China, Japan, Hungary, Bulgaria, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Netherlands, Luxemburg, UK, USA, Canada, Paraguay. As part of this we work with people at all levels in the organisation. This means we’re experienced in designing training to suit whatever the specific participant needs.

Clients of our Virtual Training

communication skills training
SSE ITD Client
Sinosky ITD Client
Corpag ITD Client
trilegal logo ITD Client
Virtual Courses
Our virtual workshops are highly engaging and useful.

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Online presentation skills training

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