Personal efficiency training
Personal efficiency training is part of our personal development training offerings

Our Personal Development Training covers a wide range of subjects but have a number of core elements. They are all workshops, which means you’re working on your issues in a practical discussion. Each one looks at the research on the subject and bases ideas on this and our experience of training on the subjects for 20 years. We make sometimes complex ideas simple to understand and easy to apply.

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We offer a range of personal development workshops:

Finance training

Finance for non finance

Learn more about how our finance training could your people improve their understanding of budgeting and the finances.

time management skills training

Time Management

Learn about how our time management training can help you get better organised, make better use of your time, improve assertiveness and get home on time!

Teamwork training


Our teamworking training includes a range of options from learning about the theories of team working to fun activities to bring these to life.

Tiger-Taming full


Learn about our creative approach of Tiger-Taming project management training and how it can help your project completion

personal development stress

Stress Management

Our stress management training helps you to understand the underlying causes of stress and gives you tips and strategies to deal with and prevent stress.

Negotiation skills drive

Drive Negotiation

Our Drive Negotiating Training gives you ideas on the process and skills to improve your negotiating skills, both internally & externally.

Personal development communication

Communication Skills

Our Communication Skills Training covers what we say, how we say it and how we look, to give a highly engaging review and practical ideas on how to increase impact.

assertiveness training


Learn more about how our Assertiveness Training can develop your confidence using our knowledge of behavioural change theories applied to your situations

Customer service training

Customer Service

Learn more about how our Customer Service Training can improve your relationships and the satisfaction of your clients.

ITD Presentation Skills Training

Presentation Skills

Learn more about how our innovative approach to presentation skills training can build your confidence and improve your impact.

Handling Difficult Conversations Training

Handling Difficult Situations

Our approach to Handling Difficult Situations looks at both the underlying causes of what makes the situations challenging, and gives ideas and strategies on how to deal with them.

Written communication skills training - tablet

Written Communication Skills

Our Written Communication Skills training is very practical with participants working on their writing skills throughout the session.

Personal efficiency training

Personal Efficiency

Our Personal Efficiency Training is an advanced time management training; giving you ideas and the behavioural change theories to you need to make that change.

FAQs personality training


Learn about how our Personality Model can help you understand you, your behaviours and those of your clients and colleagues.

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