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We offer a consultancy service in a variety of areas detailed below. You can have access to our more than twenty years of experience in a range of disciplines. 

The Benefits of Consultancy

Our consultancy service has a number of benefits. Firstly you get another and external viewpoint of the issues. Then you access the exeprience of people who have seen very similar challenges before. We agree a fixed cost for this service so that you can access this expertise within your budget. And finally we work closely with you to define the scope and objectives of the work. This means we deliver agianst your specific needs. 

Training Consultancy

It might be simple to define the behaviours you would like to see, but how to deliver these can be the tricky bit. In other words, what should the training include. Which concepts and ideas will deliver the change you require.

training needs analysis

Training Needs Analysis

It can be difficult to really understand what the training needs are. Our training needs analysis service will help to define the underlying issues. We are experienced at discussing challenges with people to define how training could help and what it needs to do. For example, it might appear that stress management training is required by a group. But on closer analysis of the underlying issues, we might discover that time management training, or assertiveness training are required. Read more about our training needs analysis service.

Management Team Meetings

Clients have benefited from our attendance or participation in their management meetings. This can be as a facilitator, observer, or contributor. With some clients we have attended marketing meetings, inputing on startegy and tactical decisions. With others we have been observing and feeding back to the team, sometimes with recommendations. And sometimes this means giving direct and difficult feedback, which the team needs to prepare for and work with. Whatever the need we start with a discussion.


We have worked with many clients since 1994. This includes large international organisations. It includes smaller local businesses. And it includes organisations in many countries around the world. This all means that we have worked on many different challenges, contexts and cultures, which will inform how we approach your situation.

Behavioural Change

You will know that changing a behaviour is one the hardest things to achieve. This is both in yourself and with others. We have expertise of behavioural science and apply this to your situation. This will inform our ideas and suggestions.

It Starts With a Discussion

Whatever your possible requirements for our consultancy service, it starts with a discussion of those needs. We explore to understand the situation and then, if we think we can help, we provide a proposal with costings for your consideration.

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Consultancy Contract
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