Virtual Presentation Skills Training

Malvern Panalytical is a Spectris plc company. The company is a manufacturer and supplier of laboratory analytical instruments. It has been influential in the development of the Malvern Correlator, and it remains notable for its work in the advancement of particle sizing technology.


The team is spread across the globe. They are experienced professionals. The training needed to add value whilst not telling them what they already knew.


The need for training on presenting virtually, has been identified to support the team in communicating and presenting virtually. The specific group of participants are technically excellent and need training input on presenting virtually.


Global with participants in US, China and many places in between.


We designed a two part workshop. Part 1 involved the whole group of between 16-20 participants, with input and ideas from the training consultnat. Part 2 involved each participant delivering a virtual presentaion with feedback from the trainer.


Each participant increased their knowledge and developed there individual approach. Here are some of the participants’ thoughts on their actions.

Participant Feedback

“Great training, thank you.”

“The practice was invaluable.”

“Very practical and very useful.”