Personal Efficiency Training

Topdrill is a vibrant, well-established company whose staff have many years of experience both in the field and office and are accustomed to seeing a site investigation through from original design to site works with production of factual and interpretative reports. Their unique blend of skills enables them to provide quality cost-effective solutions to meet client specifications and through clear and effective communication they are able to identify areas where savings can be made.


This is a highly professional team delivering expertise to their clients in UK. As business grows the organisation needs to make sure work behaviours and systems are as efficient as possible.


The need was simply to help each person in the office to explore new ways to become more efficient.


We started with a pre-workshop task which asked the participants to record and analyse their activity over a three day period.

The short full day workshop, focussed on the behaviours which could help people improve efficiency. This was different for each person.

We used our behavioural change expertise and behavioural action planning tool. this helped each person to frame the chnages they wanted to make.


The impact and actions from the training included the following:

“I’m going to make a list every morning of what I know I have to do that day, and order in by urgency and importance. Then I’ll go through it that way rather than by doing the easiest stuff first. Then if anything new comes up I will judge it’s urgency and add it to the list accordingly.”

“If there is a change in the internal system of how we work:
Don’t get stressed.. Think about the benefit with the new change and the disadvantage without the change.”

“Stop and think about how important the issue actually is. Don’t just interrupt X because she is there. Make notes either in a list/email and catch up when is convenient for both parties.”

Participant Feedback

“Many thanks for today – very informative and good to reflect as a team.”

“Many thanks for the training today, I found it very helpful and useful.”

“Thanks again for the training, it does definitely make you think about things.”

Client Comment

“The training certainly helped everyone to take a look at the way they work and everyone has gained actions to implement. Thank you.”