Teamwork training
Teamwork Skills Training helps people focus on what's important in working together

Teamwork Skills Training

Our Teamwork Skills Training helps people focus on what is important about working together. It is very natural for human beings to collect in groups and defend that group from other groups. It is also natural for people to defend their position as an individual. Teamwork training is required from time to time to encourage reflection and get the team working on performing as a group, and to make this their main priority.

Teamwork skills training from ITD is designed to suit your needs and fulfil the objectives you set us. At ITD we have been designing and developing teamwork training for over 20 years.

Why invest in teamwork skills training?

Teamwork training helps your people in how they work together. Most of the time at work, we focus on what we are doing, with team working we look at how we do it. How we interact, how we support and how we improve together. Teamwork training helps your people to improve their interactions, appreciate different members of the team, and understand different approaches and different styles.

Why clients have commissioned teamwork training

  1. Communication challenges need addressing.
  2. A new team needs to start in a positive way.
  3. New colleagues working together across international boundaries.
  4. A new project team with members across functional disciplines.
  5. As part of a bigger event where a piece on teamwork will add variety and fun.
  6. Where processes need looking at and part of the challenge is where the team works together.
  7. A team needs to refocus after dramatic change or trauma.

How we tailor the teamwork skills training to suit client needs

We create a teamwork training solution to fit your needs and your budget. Through discussion you tell us the challenges you would like the training to address, or the objectives you would like to achieve. We design a draft proposal of a teamwork training agenda for review. We take you through the various activities.

What sort of activities could be included?

We have a wide range of activities which can be selected to create your training agenda. For some clients we produce a totally bespoke solution based on a creative theme. Sometimes this is inspired by the location or venue. Activities can be indoor, outdoor or off shore. This includes team analysis of situations, facilitated discussions, treasure hunts, quizzes and many activities. We also use activities brought in from other suppliers to help in the session where appropriate.

Models we can refer to in any teamwork training include:

  • Belbin’s team roles theory.
  • Tuckman’s Forming, Storming, Norming & Performing model.
  • Thomas International team working model.
  • Personalities at work theories.
  • Bal & Gundry people, process, technology theory.
  • Drexter / Sibbet team performance model.

Which teams could benefit?

Any group of people who work together can benefit from teamwork training. This could be a functional team; we’ve worked with finance teams, sales team, safety teams, regulatory teams, management teams.

It could also be businesses such as the entire company or office team. It could also be project teams brought together for the training to create cohesion, in which case the training is often part of project launch event.

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Teams can be reinvigerated which in turn can drive results

Teamwork skills training agenda

Every event is different. Some clients want specific objectives to do with a project where a facilitated discussion is required, plus some gentle team working activities to lighten the session.

Others want the teamwork skills training to be seen as a fun reward for hard work or following a difficult time for the business.

The following gives an idea of the variety that can be included in your training:

  • Team working theories/models – where is your team currently, where would you like it to be?
  • Facilitation discussions. group brainstorming on key questions for the team to address.
  • Fun activities; quizzes, treasure hunts, games, physical activities, model making, building, mysteries etc.
  • Presentations to the group.
  • Advert creations by teams.
  • Art in teamwork.
  • Action planning.

The session could also include:

  • Personality model.
  • Past, Present & Future.
  • Client needs & wants.
  • The team’s vision.
  • Team house rules.
  • The team culture; what it is and what we want it to be.

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