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Virtual Leadership Training

Our virtual leadership training is delivered in a number of short sessions, typically between 60 to 90 minutes per session. We use Zoom or your preferred platform. The number of participants can be up to twelve. 

Each session covers a specific area of leadership. Ideas are presented and discussed to explore how they apply. This is very much a workshop style with involvement from participants throughout the programme.

The agenda is based on the ideas below and we develop this to suit your needs. Please contact us to discuss how you would like these sessions to be designed and delivered.

Culture Leadership Training

culture leadership training
Culture leadership training

Leadership Training

Leadership training from ITD is tailored to suit the needs of your people. We also listen to what your organisation requires of its leaders. We tailor our leadership training to exactly match the organisational needs, the role needs and the learning objectives.

Leadership training with ITD is practical and relevant to your organisation. We introduce ideas, research and models based on your needs. We demonstrate the relevance and application through exercises, role play, and discussion of the participants’ situations.

Typical challenges of participants on our leadership training

  • “Leadership training needs to give me ideas on motivation.”
  • “I’m not sure how leadership is different from management and what to do about it.”
  • “I want ideas on leadership for my role, not just leadership theories at a much higher level.”
  • “I want to know how leadership applies at my team leadership level.”
  • “I’m used to directing my people, so I want to explore if that’s good leadership or could I be better.”
  • “I’d like to hear how leadership matters and what impact it can have.”

What does leadership training do?

Leadership training will improve how your people lead their teams or their projects. Leadership training gives the participants to take a step back from their day to day role, explore some different approaches and see ow they will impact their organisations.

Which roles have we delivered leadership training for?

  • Team leaders
  • Directors
  • Supervisors
  • Managers
  • Senior Managers
  • Associate Directors
  • Sales Managers
  • Sales Directors
  • Partners

Training tailored to your needs

Our leadership training is adapted to suit the needs of your organisation and your people. We discuss your precise needs and wants to develop our understanding of the outcomes you would like to see.

Using our unique action planning tool we start with your goals in terms of the behavioural changes you would like to see. From this we develop the content and approach of the training which will best deliver your goals.

And we do this at no extra cost, so you get leadership training designed to suit your needs at a competitive fee.

Who can benefit from our leadership training?

Anyone who is in a leadership role. This can be those with direct line reports, as well as those with dotted line reports as with project leads. Project leadership is often the most challenging. This is typically because the project manager does not have hiring and firing power. Although some would say this shouldn’t matter, it does. Our sessions are tailored to suit the needs of the participants, so whether your a project manager or company director you will get a lot from one of our leadership training.

Training Agenda

  • Introductions and objectives.
  • Leadership challenges.
  • Why do we need leadership – human need for leadership.
  • Management v Leadership – what is the difference and why does it matter.
  • Leadership behaviour checklist.
  • Leadership styles – overview of the various models.
  • Personal leadership style – based on your personality.
  • Building on your personal leadership style.
  • Leading the culture of your team or project.
  • Motivation Strategy.
  • Setting expectations.
  • Communicating the leadership message.
  • The vision thing and why it matters.
  • How does it feel to be lead rather than managed; the potential impact.
  • Leadership in Sales, Marketing, IT, HR, Finance, etc how leadership can be different in each department.
  • Leadership role plays.
  • Personal actions

Participants typically gain the following:

  • Clear ideas on what leadership is and how it applies to their role.
  • An overview of many of the main models of leadership.
  • Practical ideas on how leadership can have an impact on the performance and behaviours of their team or project teams.
  • Personal actions to implement immediately

Why choose ITD for your leadership training?

  • We will design your leadership training according to your needs. And we are highly motivated to develop what you need so that the training delivers.
  • If you’re looking for practical leadership training which will give you ideas and actions to implement then we are the right choice. Especially with our unique action planning tool.
  • All the ITD training consultants are experienced trainers and will adapt to the needs of the participants on the day. They are highly engaging and explain ideas in a clear and relevant way, gaining consistently high feedback scores.
  • With our behavioural scientist working on our unique action planning tool, you can be sure your leadership training will be practical and your investment has the best chance to achieve behavioural change.
  • Our flexible approach to fees means that our training will fit your budget requirements.
  • Our training is followed up by support through emails, blogs and 121 coaching where required. We also do pre-evaluation to ensure we get the training right in the first place.

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