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Personal Awareness

Clifford Chance LLP is an international law firm headquartered in London, United Kingdom, and a member of the “Magic Circle,” a group of the most prestigious London-based multinational law firms. It ranks as one of top ten largest law firms in the world measured both by number of lawyers and revenue.


The office in Dubai and Abu Dhabi has a team of over 80 lawyers advises clients on domestic, regional, and international matters and have delivered many first-of-a-kind deals. They opened their first UAE office in 1975 and are well known for innovative, market-leading work.


The need was to help mid level lawyers develop their personal awareness, to prepare them for further career advancement.


Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


Each participnat completed our on line work styles questionnaire. This gave them a short report on themselves.

They invited colleagues to complete a similar questionnaire on them as feedback. The scores from each were introduced and reviewed with a consultant in an online call. Trends and differences in their colleagues’ perceptions were discussed. The implications of these differenecs and similarities were reviewed.

The report was then sent to each participant as follow up.


Each participnat gained insight into their work styles as well as the perceptions of those who work with them. In addition each one gained actions to implement in their daily work.

Participant Feedback

“Very interesting to get other people’s perspectives.”

“Really interesting way of developing self awareness.”

“Useful conversation with the consultant.”

Client Comment

“You responded to this requirement incredibly quickly and for that, as well as for the great feedback we have had, I am grateful.