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Excellent virtual presentation training

5.0 rating
October 23, 2020

Martin exceeded our expectations tailoring a virtual presentation skills workshop to our needs and giving us many tips on how to improve our presenting skills and slides. Great value guaranteed.


Plenty of time and space to ask questions

4.0 rating
October 22, 2020

Martin covers the material very clearly, with lots of interaction. He also allows plenty of time and space to ask questions which may be personal to you and your experiences and his answers are thoughtful and helpful. It results in a tailored and useful session that can easily be applied in the working environment.

Eleanor Hervey-Bathurst

Excellent virtual event training

5.0 rating
October 21, 2020

Martin Chapman delivered an engaging and thought provoking training to help us improve our virtual event presentations. Tailoring his training to our needs, he exceeded our expectations and we feel more confident and brimming with ideas on how to move forward.

Rosalind Hunter

Interesting and engaging

4.0 rating
October 21, 2020

I attended the Professional Business Communication training with Martin Chapman. I found the training to be very interesting, and directly relevant to my current role. I found that I learnt skills which I could directly apply to my work, and which would help me immediately. The course was 3.5 hours but it was very engaging, meaning that it held my attention for the whole duration. Thank you!

Chloe Lettington

Martin was great

5.0 rating
October 21, 2020

Martin was a great trainer – he was engaging and relatable, offering very useful advice and strategies.

Maryam Khalifa

Professional Business Communication

5.0 rating
October 21, 2020

Martin was very interactive and made sure that everyone was involved despite the barriers that virtual sessions present. He also related to real life examples ‘e.g. in a partner training session they said x,y,z’ which was nice to hear that trainee training is also being replicated on a partner level. It was a long session, but I was not time watching and felt engaged with each section, which is a great achievement for Martin.

Emma Buchanan

Very illuminating

5.0 rating
October 21, 2020

Learning how important it is not only to hone one’s communication skills, but also how to tailor these to others‘ personalities was illuminating and useful.

Oliver James

Really interesting and engaging

5.0 rating
October 16, 2020

A very helpful virtual presentation from Martin with lots of interaction and personalised feedback – provides lots of ideas, tips and guidance, thanks!


Presenting Virtually with Impact

5.0 rating
October 14, 2020

I really enjoyed the presentation. It offered very useful tips for my future presentations. I also enjoyed the interaction with the speaker, meaning that I was not just a listener but I got to take part as well. It was also a great demonstration of how speed and intonation are crucial for delivering a speech. Thank you again.

Martin Urban

Interesting and organized, could have gone quicker and deeper

4.0 rating
October 14, 2020

The workshop with Martin was interesting and well organized. He quickly created an atmosphere of sharing and learning and was himself an example of how to present virtually with impact.
At times the presentation did spend a bit too much time on sharing thoughts and experiences and could have gone deeper and quicker. Overall I would recommend attending and recommend Martin’s presentation skills.


Brilliant and insightful training

5.0 rating
October 13, 2020

Martin’s webinar training was incredibly thorough and useful. It covered all bases and we will be applying all that we learnt to our own webinars in the future.

Sarah L

Some great tips for presenting on line

4.0 rating
October 13, 2020

Martin was well organised. He had an informative and helpful manner. It was useful how he reviewed our slides and made some suggestions as to how they could be improved – that was very useful. The session was well paced and well delivered with good client participation. Martin clearly has a passion for presenting and this extended to him offering further support after the session, which is a sign of his commitment to help. I would have liked to see some recognition / advice about how to try and make slides more inclusive in terms of people with visual impairments / learning needs ie in terms of font / colour /contrast as if not considered the presentation can be very excluding. Thankyou Martin it was very helpful and a pleasure to partake in.

Maria Martin

Practical and useful!

5.0 rating
September 17, 2020

The session is one of the most useful training I attended. Martin gave really useful advice on how to improve online presentation skills.

Lan Zhang

Very usefull

5.0 rating
September 14, 2020

The training was very interesting thanks to the trainer’s efforts to keep the interest of the participants. Friendly atmosphere in which we were invited to participate. Thank you !

Zoé Sandevoir

Presenting with Impact Virtually

5.0 rating
September 11, 2020

Martin was fantastic. I picked up lots of hints and tips, thanks very much.

Ajay Kapoor

Virtual & Online Presentation Skills Training

5.0 rating
August 18, 2020

Martin was super helpful and we really enjoyed the virtual presentation training sessions we did with him.
He tailored the sessions to our business and requirements so we could effectively reach out to our customers during the COVID 19 pandemic.
Would highly recommend this service to anyone looking to improve their online presence and virtual presenting skills.

Jemma Darwin & the team at Sinosky

Impact of Professional Communication

5.0 rating
August 14, 2020

The course what so interesting and – from my perspective – very important. Martin has shown what effects professional communication has. You can achieve so much and turn even difficult communication into communication that is satisfying for all sides. Martin has responded to each of us. I liked very much that he asked everyone about special situations and then analysed with us how best to behave in such situations. That was very helpful. I have recommend the course to my colleagues. After taking part in the course, I noticed that there is also a need among my colleagues.

Jutta Vogeley-Kyere

An excellent session on presenting virtually

5.0 rating
August 13, 2020

Engaging presenter, who demonstrated the skills of presenting well while delivering the session, and brought attendees in through useful workshop exercises. Lots of food for thought and I came away with tips and skills that I will definitely be implementing in the future.

Kate Manning

A practical, enjoyable and relevant course

4.0 rating
August 7, 2020

I enjoyed the course, not only because the subject is most relevant but also because of the pace and skill of the presenter, and the delivery as an interactive course. It made me review my thoughts and I learnt a few more tips.

Araceli Fombellida

A helpful and recommandable virtual training

5.0 rating
July 30, 2020

Martin gave a really interesting and entertaining seminar, with many helpful tips and also very well suited as a refresher of already known aspects.


Very helpful to re-evaluate your style of working

5.0 rating
July 29, 2020

I find it immensely helpful to take a step back and look at yourself from time to time. A very fun, interactive course which actually passed by way to quickly. I learned a lot about myself, the areas where I need to adjust, but also the areas where I am better than I thought I am. Thank you for that, Martin! I’d be glad to join again in future.

Stefanie Voss

Very helpful training

5.0 rating
July 29, 2020

I really enjoyed the training and found it very helpful with lots of great tips. Even though we had to do the training virtually, there were plenty opportunities to interact with the participants and share knowledge. Martin always took his time to address our comments and questions.

Eva Säljemar

Maintained focus and kept it interesting

4.0 rating
July 27, 2020

I have now completed a number of virtual training courses and it can be quite difficult to stay focused when the session doesn’t take place in person! However, I thought Martin maintained our focus really well and kept us interested. It was good that participation was required and Martin nominated us for different exercises. Thought this was a valuable piece of training.

Olivia Higgs

interactive training

5.0 rating
July 25, 2020

Martin is a very nice lecturer who take efforts to interact with everyone and capture a person’s attention. He shares his observations in a nice way to feel everyone comfortable.

Jane Chen

Great training

5.0 rating
July 24, 2020

Great training on virtual presentation, insightful and good tips to improve our presentations.


A very thought-provoking session!

5.0 rating
July 22, 2020

A super engaging session packed with interesting insights that can be transferred to the world of work. Great session from Martin!


Martin is great

5.0 rating
July 22, 2020

Martin was engaging and led a very useful session on business communication.

Humza Hamid

Presenting with Impact Virtually - online course

5.0 rating
July 9, 2020

An incredibly helpful 90 minute online session, especially if you are making the move from face to face training to online. Provided lots of useful tips and techniques.

Clare Ireland

Presenting Virtually with Impact

5.0 rating
June 25, 2020

Our training was done by Martin Chapman and I thought he was excellent. The course was very well paced, clear and useful. I have been able to take a lot of points away from the training and hope to implement them in my presentations in the future.

John Allan

Refresh, Reset...Present

5.0 rating
June 25, 2020

In a time were our working lives have never been more “online” this training course is a great way to smooth out any bad habits we have picked up along the way, refresh our views on what a presentation should be about and reset out minds into thinking how will the end user feel during and after our time with them. Great way to hone our presentation skills and go back to the basics with a new set of eyes.

Beth Anderson

Engaging and useful!

5.0 rating
June 23, 2020

The training contained well-structured material, and more importantly it was a very interactive session which allowed everyone to practice the ‘tips & tricks’ immediately. I really liked that the group was small – everyone was focused on the topic. Martin’s a great trainer and his sessions are always a good investment in one’s professional development.

Julia Malyshenko

Presentation Training

4.0 rating
June 22, 2020

The course made me think about areas of presenting that I had not considered. I am ready to prepare for my next presentation.

C Parton

Engaging and helpful

5.0 rating
June 18, 2020

The interactive workshop is just what I would like to emulate in my upcoming presentation. Thank you.

Thomas K

Efficient, helpful and entertaining training

5.0 rating
June 18, 2020

The training received was 90 minutes very well invested. It was focused, clear, very practical – and very enjoyable. I will be able to implement the advice received shortly and feel considerably less daunted by the thought of presenting online.


Inspiring and helpful workshop

5.0 rating
June 18, 2020

Thank you for the inspiring and helpful workshop Presenting with Impact Virtually. It was a pleasure to take part in it! As a non-native-speaker, it was a great chance for me to challenge myself and my presenting skills. I hope I’ll have a chance to participate in your sessions in the future!


Great interactive training

5.0 rating
June 15, 2020

Martin delivered the training very well and made the session interesting and interactive, ensuring that everyone’s thoughts were heard.


Great organized interactive session

5.0 rating
June 12, 2020

This was the right balance between lecture and group participation and was one of the best mini classes I have attended, in person and through the internet.

Leah Kopel

Food for Thought

5.0 rating
June 11, 2020

Interesting workshop. I will try to take some of the discussed ideas forward with how I deal with change.

Jane Cameron

Great session

4.0 rating
June 11, 2020

Great session regarding overcoming challenges.

A Arthurs

Useful to discuss effective communication and delegation

4.0 rating
May 28, 2020

The content relating to effective communication and delegation gave me new insights to take into my role. I learnt a lot from the presenter and other trainees. Dealing with time recording was also insightful, but it would have been helpful to have learned about these specific guidelines earlier in my training contract.

Alex Shaw

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