open training
Open training means you will be joining other people from around the world

Open Training

This page gives you details of our open training courses. For more specific details on each course click on the links below.

assertiveness course
Virtual Assertiveness Open Course
personal efficiency course
Virtual Personal Efficiency Open Course
Presentation Skills Course
Virtual Presentation Skills Open Course

How does our open training work

It’s really simple. Firstly you choose the subject area you would like to get training on. Then you choose the date for your training. Next you make payment. You will then receive an invite to the zoom training meeting. 


We publish dates for our open training courses every 6 months. Just go to the subject matter page and choose your dates from there. You can book the training as soon as a date is published.


The cost for each training course is given on the page for that course. We try to keep the cost to a minimum and at the moment they are between £40 and £60 per person, per course. We also offer one to one sessions starting at £195.


You make payment by card online via Stripe, one of the world’s largest card payment processors. We don’t see any details of your payment, except that your payment has been made.


The detailed agenda for each course is given on the subject matter page. We keep the agenda focussed on the most important points that will help you develop.


The duration for these courses is two or three hours. We divide the session into hour chunks with 5 minute comfort breaks. Because we find things take longer in the virtual world, we aim to give you ideas in a concise and focussed way.


We use Zoom as the platform for our open training courses as we find it be accessible and reliable. Of course there can be connectivity issues but we try to accommodate this. All our courses are password protected and we do not insist that you turn on your video, but you can do to encourage conversation amongst participants.

Details of the session

The meeting room is opened at least 10 minutes before the start time, so that you can check your connectivity. You will be able to ask questions either with voice or via chat. Depending on the subject matter, we use breakout rooms for chat with a co-participant.

Workshop style

We deliver these courses in a workshop style. That means there is a balance between instruction and discussion. Ideas are introduced, explained and illustrated. Questions from participants are taken and discussed. How the idea applies in ‘real life’ is explained, so that you can see how to use the ideas in your world.

Subject areas

We are adding course subject areas based on our in house business skills training. We have two subject areas available today:

If you want ideas on how to become more assertive in the workplace, then check out our open training assertiveness course.

This is a type of advanced time management, so if you want ideas on how to use your time more effectively, check out our personal efficiency course.

Training Reviews

Here’s a sample of our training reviews. To see more click on Training Reviews.

Online presentation skills learning videos
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