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Keynote Speaker

At ITD our keynote speaker sessions are inspired by our training. We create interesting, engaging talks which will compliment your way of thinking about a specific topic. These talks are practical, relevant and tailored to you and your audience.

Attributes of our Keynote Speaker

What attributes are you looking for from your next keynote speaker? Here’s a few ideas that we can help you with:

1. Great Reviews

The first thing we all want from a keynote speaker is that other people have given them great reviews. Here’s a sample of our most recent reviews:

2. Engaging

Because it is so easy to be distracted in the virtual world by emails, your phone, by other people, or even kids, your dog etc, you probably want a keynote speaker who will engage the audience and keep them engaged. This is a real challenge in the virtual world, but you will see from our reviews that this is something we strive to achieve.

3. Informative

You almost certainly want a speaker who will be informative and either give you ideas you’ve not heard before, or who expresses existing ideas in a new way. You want to come away from the talk thinking, that was great and I learnt something.

4. Excellence

This means demonstrating excellence in delivering in the virtual world. Does your virtual keynote speaker inspire you by their performance? Sometimes this is called Walking the Talk, and it is very important for your keynote speaker to be credible to your audience.

5. Tailored

Wouldn’t it be better if your keynote speaker could tailor the talk to your audience and your market. That’s exactly what I do, because it makes it more relevant for you and it makes it more interesting for me.


I can help you with a wide range of subject matters as your keynote speaker:

  • Presenting in the virtual world.
  • Personality at work.
  • Nudge. 
  • Leading in a Virtual World.

See below for more details.


Check out the reviews I’ve received from previous participants at

Play Video about keynote speaker video 2

Talk subjects

We offer a range of subject areas for your next Keynote Speaker. Our expertise centres around communication, which means our talks are relevant for any audience. We tailor the content to suit your needs and those of your audience, because this makes it more interesting for you and for us.

Presenting in a Virtual World

With so many of us working remotely, the need to be professional in presenting in a virtual world is essential. That means we all need to make sure we communicate clearly to counter technical interference and distractions. This talk gives you a range of ideas to reflect on your skills and ensure you are communicating clearly and presenting with impact. 

You have the opportuity to access online training on this subject at

Personality At Work

The Power of Personality at Work is something we probably all have some awareness of, but few of us have a practical knowledge. This talk gives you an introduction to the tools you can use for everday interactions with colleagues and clients.

We give you an insight into why people behave in the way they do. And we describe what you can do to change your approach to improve effectiveness. Always a very interesting topic inspiring questions and conversation.


Nudge is the wonderful theory developed by Thaler & Sunstein. It is a way to influence decision making through subtle actions.

We have taken the theory and looked at its fundamental elements. This talk introduces Nudge, what it means, how it works and then helps you apply it to every day situations. This approach results in a very popular and thought provoking session.

Leading in a Virtual World

Like many fundamental business skills, that of leadership has been challenged by Covid-19 and the impact on work. With more people than ever before working remotely, how do leaders need to respond?

This talk introduces some key ideas in leading people remotely. We give you ideas on leadership and how remote working lends itself to leading rather than managing. And we explore how this can be very  motivational for your people.

Personal Efficiency

Why is that when we create an action and decide we’re going to do something, so often we just don’t? Take New Year’s resolutions as a prime example. Why do so many of these promises to ourselves just fall by the wayside?

This talk on personal efficiency explores the behavioural science behind our actions. Taking examples from everyday life we explain why some actions are implemented and others are not. And we suggest why we should let some goals go.

Mental Wealth

You are familiar with the term Personal Wealth. It means how much money or assets you have. Your level of personal wealth is a good indicator as to how resiliant you will be under financial challenges, like Covid-19 has presented for many people. Mental Weath is similar for our mind.

How resiliant are we should a challenge occur? This talk explains and explores the idea of Mental Wealth and how we can build and accumulate Mental Wealth. We look at practical actions you can take; through your relationships at home and at work; the work you chose to do; your life goals; understanding yourself. This results in an interesting and thought provoking talk.

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About Martin Chapman

Martin is a co-founder and Managing Director of Martin has been delivering talks for over twenty years. He has specialised in subjects within Learning & Development including Communication, Leadership, Management and other specific subjects such as Nudge.

He works with large and small organisations all over the world. Previously this was by travelling to different countries, but more recently this has meant delivering remotely via Zoom and other platforms.

Martin has delivered talks in a wide variety of countries from USA & Canada, to Mexico and Paraguay. From Australia to Hong Kong and across Europe to UAE.

His style is engaging, informative and he receives excellent feedback. Check out his reviews here.

Here’s a clip from a recent interview:

Q.     What do you think is important about delivering a keynote speech?

MC. It has to be interesting, engaging and relevant.

Q.     How do you achieve this?

MC. Preparation. By understanding the client and the audience. By being really sure what will interest them and what they will value. And by agreeing a clear objective for the talk.

Q.     What would you say is the one difference in delivering a keynote speech remotely?

MC. You have to be more engaging. There are so many opportunities for distraction; from emails, messages, colleagues, family and pets! You have to be the thing they most want to listen to.

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