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ITD Nudge training for lawyers gives a different way to look at your communication.

Nudge Training for Lawyers

Nudge theory is based on the work by Richard H Thaler and Cass R Sunstein. It has been further developed by others. In 2017 Richard Thaler was awarded the Nobel Prize for Economics. We have taken Nudge theory and broken it down into manageable chunks which are then applied to typical work situations.

How can Nudge be used by Lawyers?

Nudge ideas can be applied to the work of lawyers in a number of ways:

Business Development

In messages, blog posts and thought leadership. Using Nudge Framing helps lawyers to give context to a subject before they offer ideas and opinions. Framing helps to encourage the reader to be in an open mindset before ideas are suggested.


In how campaigns are framed and marketing communications are written. Nudge can help to decide on marketing objectives and key messages. It can also help with how to write marketing communications.

Communicating to clients or prospective clients

Presenting choice to clients or prospective clients. Using the Nudge ideas around Choice Architecture can help in how to position the preferred option in a nuanced way. Combined with Neutral Positioning makes this a very useful technique for lawyers.

General communication

To colleagues and clients in trying to influence an outcome. Using the idea of a Nudge Review can enlighten lawyers on their existing communication. The Nudge Review can be used on emails, blog posts or any written communication. It can give great insight on where communications could be developed and improved.

Is Nudge an influencing technique?

Yes, but with one very big caveat. With Nudge you never remove choice. It is also subtle and not a strong, forceful technique. It is not like rhetorical argument. It is about positioning choice in a nuanced and mildly persuasive way.

Workshop style

Our nudge training sessions are run in a workshop style. This means you are fully engaged and involved from minute one and throughout the session.

Training agenda

The following gives you an overview of a typical Nudge Training agenda, which can also be seen as a menu to choose from.

  • Introduction to Nudge ; where is it from and what can it do.
  • Participant challenges to work on and apply Nudge to.
  • The Genius behind Nudge.
  • Nudges all around us.
  • Reverse Nudges.
  • Nudge explained with practical examples:
  • Framing.
  • Make it Easy.
  • Choice Architecture.
  • Make it Normal.
  • Make it the Default.
  • How to make it Engaging.
  • Limit Choice.
  • Nudge Review of How It’s Done Now.
  • Randomised Control Trial (RCT).
  • Workshop Summary.
  • Personal actions.


We can tailor pre-workshop activity to suit your audience. Some will prefer just receiving an overview of what the session is about. For others, we offer a service of inviting participants to complete a few short questions on what they would like to get out of the training.

Post Workshop

Participants are sent a pdf of the PowerPoint slides used in the session.

They also have access to the training consultant for follow-up questions.

nudge for lawyers
Nudge training can help to refine your approach to BD & communications generally.


There are a number of options on the duration of our Nudge training, depending on your objectives and what is practically possible. Having worked with law firms for a number of years, we appreciate that sessions like this are often time limited. That is why we can deliver an impactful session in anything from one-hour to 90-minutes. You might decide to do a follow up, or for a smaller team have a longer 3-hour  session.

Options include:

  • 1 hour
  • 90 minutes
  • 3 hour
  • Full day

Virtual or in-person

Our Nudge training for law firms can be delivered virtually or in-person. We have designed and delivered Nudge training virtually for a number of organisations including in USA & Canada.

Tailoring the training

Our Nudge training is tailored to your needs and the culture of the firm. Through discussion we’ll explore how Nudge can be applied to your firm and the specific team looking at Nudge. This will include using relevant scenarios and choosing which Nudge ideas to focus on.


The following gives you a few ideas on what kind of outcomes lawyers can expect from this Nudge training.

  • A different way to introduce a topic, before going onto presenting an argument.
  • Positioning ideas in a neutral way.
  • Ideas on how to present choice.
  • Giving clients confidence that the option you are suggesting is the right one.
  • Ideas on how to try different BD messages and review their success.


Read more of our participant and client reviews on our training reviews page.

Very interesting training

Rated 4.0 out of 5
May 28, 2024

The training was very interesting as the subject matter is very topical in everyday working life!


How to manage workloads, delegate and work with supervisors.

Rated 5.0 out of 5
May 7, 2024

Very insightful and engaging – would recommend!


Excellent Training Sessions

Rated 5.0 out of 5
May 2, 2024

The training sessions hosted by Martin were nothing short of exceptional. The sessions promised to be engaging, interactive and informative – and they delivered on all fronts.


Helpful and enjoyable

Rated 5.0 out of 5
May 2, 2024

Very helpful and enjoyable session with practical scenarios


Martin knows how to keep the audience focused on his topic

Rated 5.0 out of 5
April 25, 2024

Martins not only knows his topics but also is a master of presentation; keeping us focused on the issue. Break-away rooms is an excellent technique Martins uses in very appropriate moments to stimulate exchange and productive discussions. Very clearly structured presentations. Five stars, for sure!

Yuriy Rudyuk

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