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This is the story of how we designed and delivered a Nudge Training Seminar for over 40 people in Hackney Council.

  1. We were approached via our website at
  2. The discussion focussed on the need to deliver a highly impactful 90 minute session for the HR & Organisational Development teams.
  3. How participants from the different departments and in their various roles, could use Nudge in their day to day work, was a key part of the conversation.
  4. A slide based interactive session using mostly images, was developed.
  5. The content was refined through conversation with the session sponsors.
  6. Organisation of the room was carried out by members of the learning and development team, ensuring people sat in teams with others they did not ordinarily work with. The cabaret layout worked well.
  7. The session was fast paced, introducing and explaining Nudge ideas. At every step there were break out discussions on how to apply each Nudge idea.
  8. The room had a buzz of excitement about it as tables competed, in a friendly way, for the best ideas.
  9. The feedback from the session was sensational.
"Martin joined Hackney’s HR, OD and Elections teams for a fantastic introduction to Nudge. I am very grateful for how Martin tailored the event for us, we learned a lot and will be implementing some Nudge techniques. Great and engaging."
Astrid Keogh
Organisational Development Manager
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