Taking Instructions Training

Vardags is a top law firm specialising in high net worth and complex cases, often with an international element. Led by “Britain’s top divorce lawyer”, Ayesha Vardag, they take pride in working at the cutting edge of legal practice.

The firm relies on a team of exceptionally talented individuals who apply their ambition and skill to the most challenging cases. This team hail from the top academic and commercial institutions, including leading City firms. Every team member is hand-picked for their dynamism, sheer intelligence, and real dedication. They hire the best, to get the best results.


Having completed a series of delegation skills workshops for those who give work to more junior lawyers, the second half of the piece was required. That is taking instructions training. In other words, how do you successfully take on work in a very busy law firm.

The participant group are Graduate Trainee, who are highly intelligent and talented people with a thirst for knowledge of the law.


The need was to give Graduate Trainees training on the skills of being delegated to, or receiving work. The objective was to expedite the time that trainees require to start producing quality work and contributing substantively to cases.


Based on conversations with senior lawyers and Directors and using our experience, we designed a workshop that would cover most of the skills required when taking instructions.

The agenda included:

  • Challenges in being delegated to.
  • How to take initiative.
  • How to add value.
  • ITD Work Styles Model; how personality drives our behaviours when taking instructions.
  • How personality drives the way in which people delegate.
  • How to ask good questions of senior lawyers.
  • Contracting to form a foundation to successful delegation.
  • The Initiative Quiz.
  • Personal action plans.
  • WhatsApp WorkCoach follow up.

This was designed as a 90 minute workshop/seminar. This allowed for some time to discuss ideas with the participants, but this was also a pacey session.


The sessions were lively with everyone conrtributing and engaged. Questions were asked and discussed.

Each participant left with a number of key actions on how they thought they could improve their skills in taking instructions.

Participant Feedback

“Really interesting and the interaction was really helpful.”

“Good interactive sesssion – thanks!”

“So helpful. It’s also good for us to interact so that you can share ideas.”


Client Comment