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Law firm training needs to be short on time and big on impact

Law Firm Training

We’ve been designing and delivering training for law firm training for 20+ years. Our training changes as the market develops and as law firms change. Lawyers and business services people need to be capable of more business skills than ever before. Commercial business management as well people management are particularly essential for today’s successful lawyers and business services people.

Law Firm Training Options

Law firm training
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law firm training
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Law firm training in 2020

In 2019 the training of both lawyers and business services in law firms needs to deliver exceptional impact in both learning outcomes and value for money. Training needs to work as a useful experience for participants. The same is true in large and small firms alike. More than this law firm training has to lead to actions being implemented to achieve any kind of Return On Investment (ROI).

Law firm training from ITD

We have worked with large international firms, medium sized firms and smaller UK based firms. Our training is practical and gives participants what they need to develop their approach and improve performance.

Our approach is a blend of training and coaching. This means we deliver interesting and relevant training, and apply this to the context of the participants’ situations. In this way whatever their specific role, lawyers and business services leave our training with actions which they can put into practice straight away.

Implementing actions from training

We focus on delivering the skills and knowledge the participants need to know. But we go further than this. We have developed a unique approach to law firm training implementation. Working with our behavioural scientist we have created an action implementation tool, which gives participants the best chance of success.
We’ve all experienced and even organised great training, only for it to fall short at the implementation stage. Why don’t people put into practice what they’ve learnt? They give the training great scores. They say it has been fantastic, practical and useful. But then they don’t change. Why? At ITD we have been working hard for many years to try to understand this. Now having worked with our behavioural change scientist we have a solution.

We have developed a unique action implementation tool which helps participants to put their actions into practice. 

Roles we have worked with in our law firm training

Fee earners

Business services

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Senior Associates / Associates

Newly qualified & trainees

Business services managers

Business services managers

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Our training is tailored for different practice areas at no extra cost

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Case study

This international law firm has offices throughout the Americas, Europe and the Middle East. The Abu Dhabi office contacted us for a specific and urgent need.

The firm helps clients expand and invest in the middle east through their offices in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. They specialise in a wide variety of services to business sectors.

The need in this case was to provide a series of business skills training interventions with a very short deadline.

We developed a series of two hour webex based sessions with pre and post session activity. Each session was on one subject with a number of key learning points and specific outputs.

The sessions were delivered in plain English with paper workbooks to refer to. We separated the workshops with a seven day gap to allow time for the participants to work on their actions.

To ensure learning had been achieved, the participants presented their learning to colleagues in the firm.

“Thank you for your training. It was very interesting and useful.”

“Thank you, I will use this very useful training in my career.”

With any on line learning the expectation is that it will not work as well as in the class room. But we are constantly surprised by just how good the learning is. In this case the learning outcomes were excellent. This was demonstrated by the participants’ presentations and their application of what they had learnt.

Client comment: “Thank you for a swift response and for delivering such high quality via Webex meetings. The feedback has been excellent.” 

Why do people choose itd for their law firm training?

Our flexible approach to fees means that you get the training you need to suit your budget.

Having worked in many markets including UAE, Europe, US & Honk Kong we are used to adapting the style to suit the local culture and needs.

We have been providing law firm training for over 18 years with both lawyers and business services.

We tailor the training to suit the requirements of your firm and the needs of the participants, so you get what you want.

With our unique action planning tool we help your people to implement their actions from the training.

We have delivered training in one day sessions, retreat sessions, one or two hour sessions and on line WebEx sessions.

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