Training Case Studies by ITD give you clear descriptions of how we have designed and delivered specific sessions for clients. Each on gives an overview of the need, the background and what we did. It also give some ideas of the participant thoughts and client’s view. You can read more participant views on our review page. Click here to go to the review page.

Training Case Studies - Nudge Training

Training Case Studies: Clifford Chance is one of the world’s largest law firms and as such requires training of the highest quality ad which is applicable throughout the globe. This is one of our training case studies which explains how we delivered the Nudge Training session.

Business services in any law firm need to influence others both inside and external to the firm. Getting an opinion or advice across needs to be done in a timely way in an international fast moving business.

The need in this case was for innovative ideas on how to influence others.

We developed a 90 minute live video session. This is delivered in one office and watched/participated in by people in other international offices. 

The session focuses on four key aspects of Nudge which are most relevant to the participants. The start of the workshop looks at the participants challenges which have been submitted prior to the session.

The participants enjoyed an engaging and lively session with the following outcomes:

  1. A better understanding of how the principles of Nudge can apply to their everyday situations.
  2. Ideas on how to apply Nudge to their challenges.
  3. Discussion on which Nudge ideas are best situated to the variety of challenges faced by the group.
  4. Personal actions to implement in the workplace on the same day.

” I enjoyed the session and took away some great tips and tricks to promote and market our course emails. Thank you!”

Very good session which we are going to run again.

Training Case Studies - Finance Training

Training Case Studies: Gilead is a large international Biotech company based in Foster City California with operations throughout the world. We have been working with Gilead for some years which gives us a great perspective when it comes to interpreting their financials over a period of time.

The EMEA team includes people in Europe, the Middle East and Australia. As they progress there is a need for developing financial awareness both from the company perspective and from a local budgeting requirements perspective.

The specific need for this session was to deliver learning on the company financials as well as best budgeting practice. And to do this in an engaging style.

We designed and developed a two hour session in two one hour blocks. The first to focus on company financials and how to interpret them. The second to look at budgeting and some of the key principles to get right.

Each session ended with a fun and interactive quiz with questions & answer session.

This was the penultimate session in a three day conference, accentuating the challenge to keep it interesting, engaging and informative.

The participants enjoyed it and stayed with it for the entire session. Specific outcomes included:

  1. An outside investor’s perspective of the company financials, their development over the past 10 years and possible views going forward.
  2. The key elements of budgeting including time, accruals, accuracy and others.
  3. An opportunity to ask any and all questions on the company financials and budgeting best practice.

“Really interesting to understand the company and the industry”

“I am really glad that everything went well in the workshop and that the delegates were actively participating in the programme.”

Training Case Studies - Negotiation Training

Kingsley Napley is one of the leading law firms in its chosen sectors. It has a superb reputation and is the go to law firm for a variety of legal areas due to the high quality of its lawyers.

Negotiating fees does not come naturally to many lawyers. But there is a need to establish a fee structure which is both good for the client and good for the firm.

The specific need is to give the lawyers a set of tools to use flexible in any negotiation. So that they could use whichever idea they feel is required in the situation they find themselves in.

Working in collaboration with the finance director and his team we developed a short session which took the lawyer from first conversation through to agreeing terms.

This 2 hour workshop gives ideas on how to understand and position value, as well as the careful choice of words.

Each section is based on data from the finance team, or on the challenges and experiences of the participants.

The session has gained great feedback from senior lawyers and partners with extra sessions booked. The specific outcomes of the training include:

  1. Gaining a clear idea of when it is appropriate to negotiate.
  2. Reviewing what the clients’ perception of value might be and how this differs from person to person.
  3. Looking at each person’s negotiating style and identifying areas for development.
  4. Agreeing specific actions to put in place straight away.

“Really good session. Very useful”

“The training workshops have got really good feedback. The reputation of these sessions has spread amongst the lawyers so that there is much less pressure to encourage them to come, as they sign up as soon as we advertise”

Training Case Studies - Personal Efficiency Training

Topdrill is a vibrant, young company whose staff have many years of experience both in the field and office and are accustomed to seeing a site investigation through from original design to site works with production of factual and interpretative reports. Their unique blend of skills enables us to provide quality cost-effective solutions to meet your specifications and through clear and effective communication we are able to identify areas where savings can be made.

The company has many delighted clients who all want the bests service, all of the time. This puts the Topdrill team under pressure, which they revel in and deliver. Topdrill’s success is due to its superb service from the highly experienced and dedicated team.

The need in this case is to help give the team additional tools to increase they efficiency wherever possible. This means they needed a highly tailored and personal service which could help each person develop where they felt they need to.

We developed a three quarter day session based on phone calls and emails with the management team.

The worhshop covers a nukmber of key areas of personal efficiency from use of emails, identifying time grabbers through to the more conmplex subject of personal behavioural change. That is, how to do get to implement change which we have known we have wanted to do for some time, but have been unable to action.

Our experience in the area of behavioural change gives us insight into how to help people get their actions into life!

The workshop helped the participants in these ways:

  1. Gave a new perspective on behavioural change and how to get actions started.
  2. Worked on their specific needs and challenges, leading to tailored actions.
  3. Reviewed some of the commonest pitfalls with time management.

“Very interesting and very practical.”

“The training was exactly what we wanted. It was tailored to our needs perfectly.”

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