Personal Efficiency Training

We were contacted by RMA Associates to help with some specific needs and deliver a virtual training session to help with these.


RMA is a CPA and Consulting firm which provides Federal Government-focused audit, consulting, and advisory services. Their professionals work with clients to deliver measurable, lasting results through innovative solutions. They specialize in providing personalized services to our clients.

Their corporate philosophy serves as a foundation for partnering with clients and acting as a trusted and value-added advisor that resolves complex client problems. They help clients achieve their missions, operate more efficiently, and deliver value to citizens.

Training Needs

This training needs to give the participants ideas on how to improve their personal efficiency, as well as help to give them an understanding of the underlying causes for their challenges. Practical ideas and tips are essential to help people improve.


This activity included designing and delivering a virtual training workshop on Personal Efficiency with the desired outcomes including:

  1. Raising the participants’ awareness of the underlying issues.
  2. Increased knowledge of how to improve their efficiency.
  3. Personal action plans to implement.

The Agenda included:

  • Participant challenges.
  • The need to be self organised.
  • Do we manage time or ourselves?
  • ITD Work Style Model.
  • Biorhythms.
  • Prioritising.
  • Procrastination
  • Habits.
  • Managing emails.
  • Meetings.
  • Managing time grabbers.
  • Planning your day / week.
  • Personal actions.

The workshop involved about 30 people in the main training theatre, with about 40 people online via Zoo. A big challenge was to keep everyone engaged and involved. This we did by asking questions of individuals online, as well as having a colleague with microphone going to people in the theatre.


Each participant shared their specific actions online.

Participant Feedback

The general feedback on the session was very positive, with people amazed at how engaged they were.

“It was an eye-opening interview. Covering many important topics within a short time. Great Job, Martin.”

“Amazing session.”

“I have a number of things I need to do from the training.”

Client Comment

“It was very good.  Thank you.” CEO

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