Free Downloads
Our Free Downloads on each subject give you an overview of the kind of ideas and content you could gain from our training.

Free Downloads

Free Downloads are easy to get. Just complete the form with your name and email and the Download will be available for you to download. Each of our Free Downloads is based on our soft skills training. Each one gives you an overview of the kind of ideas and content you could gain from our training courses.

Whichever of our Free Downloads you choose each one is packed with ideas and tips on that subject. So, for example, if you download the Free Download on Assertiveness is gives you ideas on what assertive behaviour is and is not. It also gives you ideas on how to become more assertive.

The Free Downloads on Communication Skills & Presentation Skills also give you ideas on how to improve your approach how to develop your skills.

Free ITD Presentation Skills Tip Sheet

Free ITD Communication Skills Tip Sheet

Free Download - ITD Tip Sheet Assertiveness

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