Tailored Virtual PresentationTraining

Sinosky UK is a contract manufacturer with a lifetime of experience in the garment industry. Their experience and knowledge in the manufacturing supply sourcing business enables them to manage production and meet client’s expectation to a deadline.


The team at Sinosky has been through chnages that so mnay organisations have, that is, wokring online virtually. With no more face to face visits to clients, they needed to meet and present virtually.


The specific need was in how to present professionaly online. This included explaining their services to new prospects, as well as presenting the products themselves.


We tailored the session totally to the needs of the business and the participants. This meant sharing ideas on where and how to position the camera with the best background of clothes. Lighting and composition of participants’ videos were tailored and developed. personal impact improved at each step

The training was designed and delivered in two parts:

Part 1 – ideas on how to present virtually.

Part 2 – practice, feedback and development.


The participants really valued and enjoyed the training. It was a very interactive session with development happening at every stage.

Participant Feedback

“Martin was super helpful and we really enjoyed the virtual presentation training sessions we did with him.
He tailored the sessions to our business and requirements so we could effectively reach out to our customers during the COVID 19 pandemic.
Would highly recommend this service to anyone looking to improve their online presence and virtual presenting skills.”

Client Comment

“Excellent training from someone who clearly knows exactly what he’s doing.”