Large Group Virtual Presentation Skills Training

The Radboud university medical center, is the teaching hospital affiliated with the Radboud University Nijmegen, in the city of Nijmegen in the eastern-central part of the Netherlands. The Radboud university medical center was founded in 1956.


Like all academic institutions around the world, Radboud university medical centre has had to deal with the challenges forced on it by Covid 19. Part of this is includes supporting PhD candidates continuing to develop their learning remotely.


The population of doctoral candidates need to be able to present and discuss their research with confidence to a panel. This was challenging enough before covid, but having to do it remotely is even harder. The specific need for the training was to give doctoral students ideas and techniques for developing impact and confidence when in a virtual meeting.

Oh and there was one other detail, there are over 120 of these candidates who will all be in the training!


We developed a 90 minute workshop style training session. Planning how each PhD candidate would be engaged and active during the entire workshop was key. Part of this would be with the use of breakout rooms, so that students could discuss ideas with colleagues. Snag, during the session the breakout rooms functionality of zoom didn’t work. Maybe this was because we had over 40 rooms, but we had tested it beforehand. Anyway, we had to respond to this and ensure the learning experience was not diluted.


The engagement of the entire group was remarkable.

Participant feedback

The best way to explain the participant feedback is with this screenshot of our request for feedback at the end of the session.

training feedback

Client Comment

Here’s what the commissioning client said: “I really enjoyed your workshop and I received many positive feedbacks, besides the ones you have got during the session. I was really positively surprised by the active participation!! 

I hope I will have the possibility to work with you again in the future!”