Our training consultants have at least three things in common:

  1. Practical experience of the subjects they train on.
  2. Highly skilled at explaining sometimes complex ideas in a simple way.
  3. Energy and enthusiasm for their subject areas.

Martin Chapman

Martin Chapman

Martin is an experienced consultant with a broad range of projects to draw on. He has worked with many diverse organisations and in many countries and cultures.

Here’s a few examples: He’s worked with scientists in San Francisco, lawyers in Paris, sales people in Milwaukee, Paralegals in Abu Dhabi, IT engineers in Brussels, HR specialists in Athens, Board Directors in Amsterdam, Secretaries in London.

Martin is always on the look out for new ideas or ways of explaining existing ideas. He is the driving force behind ITD and the first contact with most new clients.

Stewart Bull

Stewart is a very experienced and reliable consultant, who delivers consistently high results with people at all levels. Stewart has worked in many countries including across EU as well USA Africa, the Middle East & Asia Pacific.

Stewart is a highly experienced consultant who grasps new challenges quickly and gains trust easily to create a positive development atmosphere. He is very engaging and all clients feedback that he is easy to get on with, responsive and is always positive towards new challenges.

John Chapman

John Chapman

John has been in Finance roles for many years as a finance specialist and Managing Director, as well as a consultant.

His talent is in explaining complex financial terms to a non financial audience. He also relates these ideas to the participants’ perspectives.

John delivers our Finance Training and Finance for Non Finance Training. He designed our finance business game and developed the workshops which include this mechanic. The business game receives outstanding feedback from participants as it brings sometimes dull financial terms to life.

Arnaud Constancias

Arnaud has a background as a senior banker and with over 18 years training consultancy experience, he is ideally placed to help clients with complex challenges. He is very easy to work with, and is a strategic thinker. Arnaud has worked with many clients in France and internationally.

“I love to help people become more conscious of their actual strengths, cross their limits, deal efficiently with their fears, reduce their tensions, soften their negative beliefs, dare new behaviours, and eventually, feel better at work, enjoying learning more about them and the people around.”

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