Virtual Communication Skills Training

With the move to working remotely, at ITD we gained a number of new clients for our virtual workshops. This case study explains how we delivered a virtual workshop for Meridian Credit Union in Canada.


Since their founding, Meridian’s commitment to helping their Members build better lives has never wavered. By focusing on what is at the heart of Members’ lives — their families, homes, businesses, health, and communities — they are working to fulfil a role as partner, advisor, and supporter.

As Ontario’s largest credit union, with more than 365,000 Members, they’re committed to providing exceptional banking services and advice. They also have a role to play that goes beyond financial services. Their commitment to Members and communities is rooted in this fundamental belief.


The need for training is for participants to write more concise, clear emails and Teams communications. Not doing this causes inefficiency and time wasting with over complex communication between co-workers.

Sometimes emails are too long, too much info, too vague, etc. Concise and clear communication would be more effective and efficient


The virtual workshop was tailored to the needs of the participants.

We emailed each participant prior to the session asking for their challenges in written communication, as well as the kind of situations/scenarios they would like to cover in the training.

This was a three hour session with breaks. because there was so much interaction and discussion, the length of session was not an issue.


  • Introduction.
  • Examples.
  • Key qualities in writing.
  • Risks of getting it wrong.
  • Your writing objective.
  • Personality At Work.
  • Structure.
  • Sentences.
  • Words.
  • Partnership language & pink elephants
  • Punctuation.
  • Personal actions.


Each participant completed the session with specific personal actions.

Participant Feedback

“Thanks for your time last week! I also appreciate you sending the session workbook. I definitely enjoyed the course and will be putting your insights to use in my current role with Meridian. I really liked the considerations among the social/analytical/direct/conceptual work styles, in addition to their implications of interaction.”

“It was great workshop and I took away a lot from it. Thank you for pdf workbook and have a great weekend !”

“Thanks so much for your time today, I took away a lot of help tips from the seminar. Thanks for sharing the deck with me and making yourself open to communication in the future!”

“Thank you for facilitating the workshop today! The session was enjoyable and informative.”

“I look forward to browsing through the workbook to see what I missed! Thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge with us.”

Client Comment

“The feedback we gained has been excellent. Thank you for the workshop.”

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