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Executive coaching helps you with specific skill areas

Online executive coaching

Our virtual or in-person executive coaching sessions can last from 15 minutes to 60 minutes. There can be one or more sessions. The subject matter is set by the client in terms of what they want to develop. Once this objective is set the coach designs the agenda. This will include ideas to present and questions to discuss. In this way the session is a blend of pure coaching and some training.

1 to 1 coaching
Executive coaching helps by giving individual focus and ideas

Executive coaching with itd

Our executive coaching can be delivered online, or face to face. With online coaching, this is delieverd using Zoom, or your preferred platform.

The service of executive coaching is ideal for helping any individual develop their approach in specific situations. The conversation is as confidential as the coachee (the person being coached) wants it to be.

Although there may not always be a formal agenda, there will be a clear objective given by the coachee. This is likely to be something along the lines of, ‘I need to be better at…’, ‘I need help in these situations…’ or ‘I want to improve my skills in a particular area.’

The session will include a discussion in which the coach asks questions. This will help to clarify the situation. The coachee can also ask questions of the coach. There may be skill demonstration and practice by the coachee; for example with presentation skills. In this way it can be a kind of mini training session.

The coach will introduce ideas and concepts which will help the coachee make more sense of their situation. They will also show ideas which will give tools to develop the coachees approach. With ITD these ideas will be easy to understand and simple to apply.

Presentation coaching

presentation coaching

Our presentation coaching gives you feedback and ideas on how to develop you approach and improve impact. We cover all the bases from structure, slide design, tailoring, to voice impact and developing confidence. This means you improve your presentation skills in the session. 


The Coach

At ITD our coaches are experienced and knowledgeable in many areas of work life. With over 20 years of experience our coaches have the ability to ask the right questions and introduce ideas which will help the coachee think differently about their situation.

The Coachee

That’s you! Or rather it’s the person being coached. All you need for this to be a success is an open mind to development and explore new possibilities.

Executive coaching subjects

Possible subjects which could form the basis of the executive coaching session include:

Duration and format

The duration and number of sessions depends on the coaching objective. Sometimes a one hour session will suffice. For skill development a two hour practice and input session can achieve the objective. For more challenging situations it can be useful to have a part one and part two. The second part is to review what has happened and review actions implemented from part one. Coaching sessions can be held in your office meeting rooms, or an external venue.

Meeting room

Meeting room or virtual meeting room coaching sessions are best if there is a delicate, or potentially emotional situation to look at. If privacy is required then clearly a meeting room is the best solution. If a presentation is being practised it works best if we work in the actual room where the presentation is to take place, or of this isn’t possible a similar room. 

Walk & Talk

Walk & talk simply means we take a walk and have the coaching conversation on the move. This can be a very effective technique for some people and some situations. It is very refreshing to discuss situations whilst walking. The physical dynamic of a discussion with a person next to you is different from that with a person sat opposite in a meeting room. At ITD we encourage Walk & Talk in coaching sessions and in training, because changing the dynamic often brings different results.


By the end of the session the coachee will have;

Executive coaching session style

The session is a conversation. The coach’s role is to explore the situation with the coachee. It is a discussion about challenges and a look at opportunities. The coach will often help the coachee interpret the situation from a new perspective. The coach may challenge the coachee’s narrative. Different ideas may be explored. There is no one solution to all situations. Each coaching session is different and depends on the coachee, their challenge, or development goal.

Pre sessions

The coachee, or their manager defines the objective for the coaching session. They define what specifically they want help with and the outcomes they require. The coach may help in this definition. There may be some reading of articles, or parts of books prior to the session. A key part of the pre session is to agree that coaching is the right option.

Post sessions

It is useful for the coachee to summarise what they have gained from the session in an email. This tends to clarify their thinking and define specific outputs and actions. It also helps the coach to see if the outputs are what they had expected.

Coaching session subjects include:

Walk & talk coaching can be both refreshing and effective.

Coachee comments

“We had a series of walk and talk sessions. This format worked really well because I felt that we could talk openly as we walked by the river and stopped for a coffee. It gave me clarity on where I was and what my next move should be.”

“Thank you for the session. It helped to talk through the situation with someone who understands organisational and office dynamics but not involved. It’s cleared things up for me a lot.”

“I was at a crossroads and not sure of the best path forward. The coaching session really helped to clarify my thinking and help with my confidence moving forward.”

“I had a presentation ready, but the coaching session helped to sharpen my delivery and focus the content. It was a very useful thing to do and I would recommend it for those preparing for a major presentation.”

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