Corpag ITD Client

Communicating in a Virtual World

The Corpag Group is an independent corporate management, administration
and fiduciary services company. Corpag is dedicated to provide clients with
personalized, tailor-made solutions to ensure safe and efficient global trade
and investment in a rapidly changing world.

Corpag has a “One Firm” approach. All Group companies are fully owned and
there is no competition between the various jurisdictions. Currently in its third
generation of full management ownership, Corpag is not burdened by external
shareholders, or financing. This has led to a long tradition of conservative
organic growth ensuring long-term commitment and stability for the future.

Corpag conducts business in a wide variety of languages, which amongst
others include English, Dutch, French, Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese,
German, Arabic, Russian and Portuguese.


We have worked with the Corpag group for a few years and so it was good to be able to help with this training in a virtual world. Being an international client we had already delivered training across the world virtually with their people in many offices.


The need was to help participants with ideas and strategies for communiacting virtually with their clients.

This session gives participants an overview of ideas on communicating in the virtual world. Particular focus is given to using video to communicate, through platforms like Teams and Zoom.

The session moves on to ideas for improving internal communication. The communication coaching checklist is used to help explore participants’ awareness of their development areas.

This is a practical skill development workshop with interaction from participants throughout the session.


The agenda covered the following areas:

Communicating & Presenting Virtually
Challenges in virtual communication.
Lighting & Background.
Words, Music & Dance.
Neutral positioning.

Internal Communications
Internal communications challenges.
When to use Email > Phone > Video.
Creating internal clients.
Benefits of positive language.
Benefits of partnership language.
Avoiding pink elephants.

Assessing Communication development
Coaching checklist.
Identifying development areas.
Summary & personal actions


All the participants gained valuable learning and compleetd the session with specific actions.

Participant Feedback

“Fabtatsic session that kep us all involved.”

“Great idea to ahve all offices participating so fully.”

Client Comments

“Thank you Martin. the training was very well received and we already look forward to the next training.”