ITD Work Styles Model

Work Styles Model

The ITD Work Styles Model is a way of describing your approach to work and to your colleagues.

What is the ITD Work Styles Model?

The ITD Work Styles Model is a questionnaire based tool which provides a framework for reflection. It does NOT tell you that you are in one of a number of boxes. It describes the balance of styles you have and the behaviours within. It makes you think about which style and behaviour dominates when you do different sorts of work.

What does the Work Styles Model give you

It gives you a simple way to understand your approach to the work you do on your own and how you interact with others. Compared to other models such as DISC and MBTI, the ITD Work Styles Model is simple to understand and easy to apply. When we run training sessions that use the Work Styles Model it takes only a few minutes to grasp the model and gain ideas on how to apply these to your everyday life.

How does it work?

We’ve based the model on a questionnaire which gives you a set of scores. These scores describe the balance of different styles that you employ in your everyday work. You then consider these scores to see what you think of them. Do you agree with them, what is your perception of your scores and when each style dominates your work. For example, when you draft an email what style dominates the way you write? Or, when you communicate with others, which style tends to dominate in meetings? The model is very practical in its application, meaning you can use the ideas it provokes straight away.

How does the questionnaire work?

The questionnaire is made up of 40 statements which you choose to agree or disagree with. From this it creates a profile of how you balance the different styles in your approach to work.

How do we use the Work Styles Model in our training?

We use the model in a variety of training workshops. Because it provides a very useful and easy to access reflective tool for participants to take a look at their current approach. These sessions include management, leadership and team leader training. It also includes specific skill development workshops such as delegation, presentation, time management, project management and sales training.

Because it is so flexible we use the tool in a wide variety of sessions and the feedback is always excellent. Check out our reviews here. PARTICIPANT REVIEWS.

What does the questionnaire look like?

It is simply a set of forty questions which you can see by following this link ITD Work Styles Model.

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