Personal development training helps you to improve those skills used in every day work, such as time management, assertiveness and presenting. Our approach is a blend of training and coaching to help you improve from a behavioural change perspective.

Personal development training from ITD

Personal development training from ITD is designed to suit your development needs and deliver on the training objectives you set us. At ITD we have been designing and developing a broad range of personal development training for over 13 years.

Personal development training includes;

Assertiveness training

Finance for non finance training

Personal efficiency training

Personal impact training

Presentation skills training

Project management training

Stress management training

Time management training



What does personal development training achieve?

Personal development training helps each individual increase their knowledge of how to develop and grow as well as improving their actual skills.

Personal development covers all those skills which are used in a role, which may not be specific to the role. For example a manager in a manufacturing plant will need to have the skills and knowledge to run part of that plant, but they will also need presentation skills to communicate to their team.


Typical needs of participants on our personal development training:

  • Improve project planning skills.
  • Develop assertiveness.
  • Better understanding of how to design a presentation.
  • Improve presentation delivery skills.
  • More awareness and understanding of finances and budgets.
  • Increase personal impact.
  • Develop strategies to manage stress.
  • Improve personal efficiency.
  • Develop better time management skills.




How we tailor your personal development training to your needs:

  1. We design a personal development training solution to fit your needs and your budget.
  2. Through discussion you tell us the challenges you would like the training to cover, or the objectives you want to achieve.
  3. We design a proposal for the personal development training agenda to review. We take you through the various activities and describe the learning activities and learning outcomes of each.

Personal development training – ITD

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Personal development training overview

The following gives you more detail of what can be involved in your personal development training and our overall approach.


Who will benefit from personal development training?

Any people who want to improve their personal skills.


How long does personal development training last?

Typically personal development training could be from two hours to a half day, to two days. This depends on the subject area and the required depth you require.


In which countries can the training take place?

Personal development training can be run in any country and as a Webex session online.


What sort of venues are required?

We have run successful sessions in hotels, conference centres, and client offices.


How do we approach the training agenda?

1. We start with your challenges and what each participant wants to achieve.

2. Ideas, models and tips are planned on what will be most useful for the participants.

3. Participants apply the ideas to their situations and challenges. Practice scenarios are used to implement new behaviours.


Is there pre workshop activity?

There can be, depending on the subject area and objectives. For example, if the session objective is on project planning, it is vital that the participants choose a project to work on in the session.


What happens after the session?

We encourage clients to run an internal post session review a short time afterwards to explore personal actions. We also offer one to one follow up coaching.

Personal development training can have an immediate impact on performance
Personal development training can have an immediate impact on performance


What do clients say?

“Thank you for an excellent training course.”

“Perfect, just what we asked for.”

“Despite the sessions being delivered over a Webex meeting, the outputs are excellent and the participants really got a lot from them.”

What do participants say?

“Very useful training session.”

“The trainer was very nice.”

“Very useful with lots of tips and ideas.”


Tip Sheet 2

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We also offer one to one coaching and review sessions.



Personal development training can have a real impact on performance, call +44(0)800 8086 to find out more



Personal development training case study


Dubai office of this  US based international law firm


Dubai, UAE



This international law firm was going through significant change and growth. The Business services team including Business Development, Office logistics and IT managers were been given new challenges including various new projects to implement.



Project management training


We organised a one day training session including pre work; to come to the training prepared to discuss a project in detail.



  • Project objective
  • People aspects
  • Processes in planning a project
  • Risks
  • Pre mortem
  • Budgets
Personal development training can have an immediate impact on performance
Personal development training can have an immediate impact on performance


Each participant left with key actions to implement. They also reviewed their own projects giving the session a very practical air.


What the client said

“Just what we asked for and needed, we will be doing a follow up session.”


What the participants said

“Perfect practical training which gave me tips and ideas.”

“I am going to implement these ideas tomorrow.”


Contact us on +44 (0)800 804 8086 to explore how personal development training could help your people and organisation



Why do clients choose ITD for their personal development training?

1. We have been designing and delivering personal development training for over 13 years.

2. We tailor the training to suit your organisation’s and people’s objectives.

3. No matter what your budget constraints our flexible approach will help you to achieve your needs.

4. Each session of our personal development training has been developed based on years of experience, the latest behavioural change research and the most useful models and ideas.

5. Our training and development consultants are experienced and approachable creating a great learning atmosphere.

6. Our training is practical and will help you do your work in a better way.


Personal development training

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