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Personal development training gives you ideas on how to grow

Our Personal Development Training covers a wide range of subjects but have a number of core elements. They are all workshops, which means you’re working on your challenges in a practical discussion. Each workshop is based on experience on the subject. We then base the content introduced on researched ideas as well as on our experience of training on the subjects for over 20 years. We make sometimes complex ideas simple to understand and easy to apply.

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We offer a range of personal development training workshops

If you don’t see the training you’re looking for here, please contact us as we develop tailored training at no additional cost. We do this because we can probably sell your course to other clients, so everyone wins.

Presenting a webinar
Presenting a Webinar
presentation coaching
Presentation Coaching
Presenting with Impact Training
Presenting with Impact Training
presenting with impact virtually
Presenting with Impact Virtually
ITD time management training
Time Management Training
working from home
WFH Time Management Training
project management training
Project Management Training
virtual project management training
Virtual Project Management Training
Teamwork training
Teamwork Training
Financial awareness training
Financial Awareness Training
Stress management training
Stress Management Training
negotiation skills training
Negotiation Skills Training
personal efficiency training
Personal Efficiency Training
Personality at work
Personality At Work Training
Resilience Training
Resilience Training
Problem Solving Training
Problem Solving Training
Train the virtual trainer
Train The Virtual Trainer
diversity & inclusion training
Diversity & Inclusion Training
ITD Work Styles Model
ITD Work Styles Model Training
developing confidence training
Developing Confidence Training
microaggression training
Microaggression Training
unconscious bias training
Unconscious Bias Training
micro-misogyny training
Micro-misogyny Training
leadership development training workshops
Leadership Development Programme

What is a personal development training course?

A personal development training course is a training intervention which aims to help you develop as a person in your work place. It often includes skill development but it is really about your fundamental approach to an aspect of your work.

For example, our time management training, gives you tips and ideas to improve how you use your time. But it goes further than that, by working on your fundamental approach to how you use time. We explore the personality drivers of how you approach different aspects of your work. You reflect on your time management habits and what drives these. You reflect on the goals of your role and boundaries of your job role. This approach helps you to reflect on the way you look at work and in this way it is more personal development training then just a course.

Is the training tailored?

Yes, we tailor our training workshops in two ways. Firstly we discuss with you the objectives and drivers for the investment in training, why are you doing this and what do you hope to achieve. We discuss who you want to training and why. Success criteria are defined and explored. We discuss the participants current behaviour and where you like to see it develop.

Secondly at the start of the workshop we ask the participants for their challenges and perspectives on the subject being trained. We discuss the details and tailor the content of the session to help with these challenges.

Tailoring in both these ways mean the participants get specific ideas totally relevant to their day to day work situations, which makes our personal development training all the more valuable.

personal development training workshops

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