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Managing people can be challenging and rewarding

How To Manage People training gives you ideas and tips on the processes and skills to manage people effectively. Managing people can be very challenging, but there are definite ground rules which can create a successful base.

The benefits of managing people can be tremendous. The reward of delegating successfully; of seeing one of the team grow; in helping a person overcome their personal challenges and achieving despite difficult obstacles; of seeing a colleague progress and advance.

Our How To Manage People workshop is practical and based on experience. It gives you very useful tools which you can apply immediately in the workplace. We encourage all participants to bring their challenges into the session so that we can help them with tips and ideas.

Virtual or Live Training

You can order this training as a virtual training session delivered via Zoom, Teams or your preferred platform. Alternatively you can take this training as live in your offices or a chosen venue.

Number of people on this training

The number of people you can have on this training is really up to you. We run people management sessions for small groups of 3 people and up to 12 people in the group. More than 12 makes it more like a seminar with less time for indivdual discussion.

How To Manage People Training from ITD

How To Manage People Training helps managers to get the most from their teams and for their teams to get the most from their managers.

Managing people can be one of the most  rewarding and difficult of jobs. We’ve trained a lot of managers in our How To Manage People Training courses, but the challenges they face are always very interesting.

Managing people is not an exact science, it is a blend of proven techniques with instinct and constant learning and practice. Our approach to people management training is a blend of training and coaching; introducing ideas and applying these through coaching with the participants.

Typical challenges covered in our How To Manage People Training

We tailor our training to suit your needs

How To Manage People Training agenda

Pre workshop activity

Post workshop activity

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Managing people includes working out when to explain and when to listen

Roles we have worked with in our people management training

Typical outcomes


The cost of this training depends on how many people are being training, the duration of the training, and the number of groups. Contact us for a proposal and full costing.

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Read about our people management training programme with Cambridge Cognition.

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