presentation skills coaching
Presentation skills coaching develops your skills quickly

Presentation skills coaching

If you want to develop your skills quickly then presentation skills coaching will be the right choice for you. If you have a presentation coming up soon where you need to perform to a high standard, then coaching can help develop your skills immediately.


Sessions can last from thirty minutes to two hours, depending on your needs and objectives. The more you want to change the longer it will take. Which means the first conversation we have is all about your needs and what you want to improve.

Number of sessions

One session may be enough. It depends on your needs, especially how much and how complex the changes you want to make are.

Your coach

Your coach is experienced in  a number of areas: Firstly in coaching to help people develop. Secondly in working with people to develop their skills quickly. The coach is also experienced in working with a wide variety of organisational types including big internationals, small businesses, universities, charities, governments and more.


The first conversation is complimentary as we discuss your needs and you make a judgement on whether to move forward. Further sessions will be costed in a proposal including details of the coaching sessions planned.


Following our initial conversation we will send you a written proposal outlining the details of the coaching sessions, our understanding of your objectives, content, timing and costs.

Client reviews

Check out the feedback we have received from clients.

presentation skills coaching
One to one development is quick and effective

Presentation skills coaching content

You can decide which or all of the following areas you would like the coaching to focus on. In this way the sessions are tailored to your needs.

Presentation content

We may not be subject matter experts in your field. However, we have worked with a variety of experts in many sectors. This means we will be able to give ideas on the content of your talk. This will include; the clarity of your objective; how well your contents deliver that objective; the logic of your structure; and the story your presentation tells from introduction to conclusion.

We can also comment on the look and feel of your presentation. This includes the use of images as well as the volume of text and slide design.

Overall delivery style

Everybody has a presentation style and it is our job to enhance this rather than change it. We do this through suggestion, demonstration and practise.


The impact of your talk comes from a combination of your content, your delivery style and your postioning. We will give you suggestions and discuss ideas for improving your impact.

Audience engagement

In normal times audience engagement is very important. When working and presenting remotely it is absolutely vital. That is because your audience have more potential distractions compared to experiencing your talk in the same room. This means we work hard with you to make sure your audience is engaged throughout your talk.

Coaching helps you to improve impact and audience engagement

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