virtual project management training

Project Management Training Virtually - Workshop Overview

Virtual project management skills are a necessity for many people in a wide variety of roles.

This workshop reviews both the processes & people aspects of successful project management. It aims to develop the methodical skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary for a successful result. The session introduces the ITD Project Planning tool, it then applies this to the projects of the participants. This gives them the opportunity to review their project management skills within the context of their own work, resulting in a very practical workshop with participants learning from the trainer and other participants.

Virtual Workshop

This workshop lends itself perfectly as a virtual training session. Participants use our online planning tool during the workshop. Ideas and principles of project management are introduced, explained and then the participants apply these to their individual projects using the tool.

Workshop Design

We always tailor our workshops to suit the needs of the client and the participants. We discuss your needs and what objectives you would like the trainig to achieve. Current systems and practices are reviewed, including examples of good practice and areas for development. The final agenda is agreed with you.

Workshop Pilot

Where a client is looking to train more than one group, we recommend a pilot to test the workshop. Typically we only tend to change some minor details following a pilot, but it is good practice.

Pre workshop

In preparation for the workshop participants select one of their projects to work on. This can be a project from the past to reflect on, or it can be a current or future project. The subject and size of project is the decision of the participant; both big and small projects can benefit from our virtual project management training.


Our virtual project management training can range from three hours, to two days. It really depends on how thorough you want the training to be. The more time you dedicate to the training, the more time participants have to practice the techniques covered. Three hours gives time to review the key principles and apply some of these to a chosen project. A full day gives time to look at all of the key principles and apply them to each participants projects. A two day course allows time to do all of the above and practice the skills with a business game and role-pays.

Project Management Training Reviews

Project Management Training

Rated 5.0 out of 5
November 22, 2019

Very useful session and great that you can use the planning tool to plan your project in the training. I got some really good tips. It focuses your thoughts throughout the planning stage and the tool captures the key areas that you need to be aware of when planning and delivering the project.

Rachel Aylett, Kingsley Napley

Project Management Training

Rated 5.0 out of 5
November 22, 2019

An excellent tool to assist with any type of project planning. The project management planning tool has helped me to pinpoint some potentially difficult areas that I had not previously thought of and has assisted with breaking down what at first appears to be an unmanageable project, to a much more reasonable size. I would highly recommend this training.

Lauren Downham

Online Project Planning Tool Overview

Included in the training, participants have access to our online project planning tool. This takes them through the process of planning a project step by step. We discuss, with the group, the challenges at each step and how thorough planning can save time and avoid problems further down the line.

Workshop Overview

The following agenda is our starting point for discussions with you on the contents of the training.

Online project planning tool login

Each participant has a login for our online project planning tool. During the training they work through the tool applying the sections and questions to their project. You can see an image from one of the pages above. As we progress the group discusses each step. The tool gives participants the space to write down answers and thoughts at each stage.

Because we work through the online tool during the training it means that participants are learning as they work, or work as they learn.


  • Introductions and objectives.
  • Each participant introduces their chosen project.
  • The online project plannig tool is introduced and participants login.
  • Project objective & aligning to organisation goals.
  • Success Criteria; what does success look like?
  • Assumptions.
  • Planning inter-departmental projects.
  • Project outcomes for different people.
  • How will the project benefit the organisation?
  • Roles & responsibilities in the project.
  • Project sponsors.
  • Managing expectations.
  • Selling a project to senior managers.
  • Successful communication – planning and on-going.
  • Others involved and implicated.
  • Working with different personalities.
  • Milestones.
  • Tasks.
  • Gantt charts.
  • Identifying & communicating interdependencies.
  • How will project communication work?
  • Other resources required.
  • Contingency planning.
Post Project Completion
  • Post project analysis
  • Project hand over
Post Workshop
  • Follow up emails.
  • One to one discussions as required.
  • Ongoing access to our online project management tool.
  • Participants gain an understanding of how to better plan their projects.
  • Apply project management principles to their projects in the workshop.
  • And everyone leaves with a more structured and realistic approach to project management.
Client Feedback
  • “The workshop was very engaging and our guys were working on their challenges throughout the session.”
  • “Good comfortable atmosphere created from the start.”
  • “Achieved exactly what I wanted.”
project plan

Project Management Training - Case Study

Business Services managers in this large law firm in their Dubai offices.


This law firm has a relatively large office in Dubai, with the head office in London. Participants were from all the expected functions including BD, Marketing, HR, IT, Finance etc.


Each of the participants ran a number of projects of varying size and complexity. As the offices has grown, the complexity and interdependencies grew.

The need was for practical training which would help each participant manage their projects more successfully.


Each participant brought a project into the session which they could work on. Some of these were projects recently completed, some were still live and others were about to start.

The workshop was designed to introduce content, ideas and tips and apply them to the participants’ projects in the session. For example when a point was made about having a project sponsor in the firm, those who had already tried this explained how it had helped, and those who had not considered who they could ask to be a sponsor and how it might help them.

The ITD Project Planning Tool was applied to all the projects.


Each participant left with specific actions for their projects and a plan on implementation.

Participant Feedback
  • “I hadn’t realised the importance of informing those not involved but impacted by my projects.”
  • “it was excellent to see how important IT is in almost all of the projects reviewed.”

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