Virtual Management Training
Our virtual training is really engaging and gets great feedback

Virtual Management Training

Our Virtual Management Training is ideal for any people manager, because you get the tools and strategies to manage people successfully.

Training tailored to your needs

Based on our core concepts we tailor the training to suit your needs, which means the content will be instantly useful to the participants. This tailoring includes the overall approach, timings, scenarios,  roleplays and specfic content, so that you get exactly what you need.

Practical training

We have been training people for over 20 years and use a workshop style. This means the participants are involved from minute one, in discussions, exercises and small group work. Our experience means we ensure the training is relevant and not just theoretical, but actually works.

Experienced and new managers

Our virtual management training is perfect for both experienced and new managers. That’s because for those who have been in a managerial role for some time, the training is a review and refresh of your approach. For new managers the training gives you a foundation of how to approach managing people.


We’ve been delivering Virtual Training since 2010, here are some of our participant reviews.

Virtual ManagerTraining
You can decide on the group size but 12 or under works well

Virtual Management Training Modules

We have constructed our virtual management training into a series of modules. Each module can be as long as you prefer and the content can suit your objectives. We tailor the content based on the following modules, which give you a good overview of our approach. 

Module 1 - What is Management?

The first training module in the series looks at what management is about, in a discussion with participants. We look at expectations, the challenges of managing, the big ideas of managing and review a number of case studies. This means you get a context for the role in terms of what it is and what it is not, including some very useful tips on what not to do.

Module 2 - Managing different personalities

Understanding your own personality and those of your team is key to being a great manager. This can be done intuitively, but using the ITD Work Styles Model and questionnaire gives you a powerful head start and an incredibly useful set of tools.

Module 3 - Successful delegation

A fundamental skill of managing people is delegation, and this module gives you a range of tools to plan and implement your delegation strategy. We cover how to gain the best view of how your individual team members will respond to different delegation approaches. The module gives you a set of tools to use in delegating any task, or activity, successfully.

Module 4 - Handling difficult conversations

There are many situations which require the manager to handle a difficult conversation, including performance issues, specific behaviours, feedback and more. This module gives you an approach for all these and time to practice them in real scenarios.

Module 5 - Coaching

Because coaching can be such an important part of managing people, we dedicate a module to this set of skills. Coaching is all about helping your team to perform at their highest level through their own efforts. That’s why we review how to use questioning in coaching and develop the skills of listening and patience.

Virtual Management Training Course
The modular approach gives time for practice and for learning to embeded

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