Delegation skills training for lawyers

Vardags is a top divorce and family law firm specialising in high net worth and complex cases. The President, Ayesha Vardag has been widely described as “Britain’s Top Divorce Lawyer” and “the Diva of Divorce”.

Vardags specialise in large and complex divorce cases including those involving private companies, property empires, trusts, international/hidden assets and investments.


As with all alw firms, delegation is a seen as an essential skill to help develop more junior lawyers and to deliver work at the correct cost level. But delegating like any skill can be fine tuned and honed. That is excatly what this training aimed to deliver, that is, a fine tuning of the participants existing skills.


To give the participants ideas on how to improve their delegation skills, which could be implemented immediately.

Law firms are best placed to train their lawyers on what to delegate. We add to this by helping lawyers with their skills of how to delegate.


The activity included designing and delivering virtual training on delegation skills with the desired outcomes including:

  1. Participants raising their awareness of how to delegate.
  2. Improving their skills in delegation.

The content of the training was tailored to Vardags. We used examples and scenarios that were relevant to the participants. The workbook, created as a PowerPoint pdf, was tailored to Vardags and sent to participants. It included as much of the work of the participants as possible, embeded in the document.

The workshop was a blend of training and coaching. Training with the introduction of ideas and coaching with developmental feedback as participants discuss their delegation skills.


All participants closed the session with specific actions to implement.

Participant Feedback

“Very useful and worthwhile. Should be taken by all levels of the firm.”

“Very helpful – particularly because it was so interactive.”

Client Comment