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Personality at Work Training

Trilegal is a law firm based in India. It has over 300 lawyers across four offices in Bangalore, Mumbai, New Delhi and Gurgaon. As such it is one of India’s top law firms.


We were asked to run a session for Associates which would add to their skill set in how they worked with others based on personality. This was part of a series of workshops for various levels of lawyers.


The lawyers’ job involves working with people as much as it involves documents and legal arguments. The need for the training was to give participants a framework for how to think about colleagues and clients.


This was a 90 minute virtual session with the following agenda:

  1. Introduction.
  2. Challenges of managing people remotely.
  3. ITD Work Styles Model background.
  4. Role of Personality in work.
  5. Position on the model.
  6. Self Reflection.
  7. Personal actions.


All participants completed the session with a greater awareness of the importance of personality in work relationships. Each one had a number of actions to implement.

Participant Feedback

“I am going to think about the personalities of those I work with and plan out a better way of communicating with them.”

“I need to be more direct with some senior lawyers, and more assertive with some of my juniors.”

“The way I communicate and do my work is sometimes with too much detail. I need to mirror the expectations of the other person, at least some of the time.”

Client Comment

“Thank you for this excellent and interesting training. The feedback has been very good.”