One to One Coaching / Training

Monckton Chambers is a leading set of barristers’ chambers, based in London. They practise across a wide range of commercial and civil law, with a particular focus on EU, competition, commercial litigation and arbitration, VAT, other indirect taxes and public & administrative law.

The interrelationship between domestic law, EU law and international human rights law is central to much of their work, and their members have unrivalled expertise in these areas.

They are recognised as market leaders in specialist advocacy, advisory and dispute-resolution services. They are renowned for our intellectual rigour, commercial focus and ability to get results.


Barristers tend to experience the ebbs and flows of work load similar to most lawyers. The difference is in the variety of clients and relationship with chambers. This means a slightly different application of skills is required to ensure work is processed efficiently.


The need was to design and develop one to one training and conaching on personal efficiency including delegating and time management.


Part of the training covered the following agenda:

  • Introduction and objectives.
  • Why don’t barristers delegate successfully? oImpact of not delegating and not delegating successfully.
  • Challenges with delegating within the team and to other teams.
  • Benefits of delegating.
  • Different styles of delegating based on the activity and person; Directing; Explaining; Coaching; Giving.
  • The impact of personality on delegating from both sides, using ITD’s Work Style Model.
  • The delegating conversation when under pressure.
  • Understanding the person delegated to and their perspective.
  • Preparing to delegate, delegating and following up on the delegation.
  • Classic errors to avoid in delegation.
  • Summary.


The balance of work management was established with the application of some robust time management principles. A better work life balance was the key outcome.

Participant Feedback

“Very effective and interesting training which has helped me to establish a better balance of work.