managing remote employees training

Managing Remote Employees Training

Our managing people remotely training gives you the strategies and ideas to manage in the post Covid-19 era.  This means giving you the tools to successfully manage people when they are working at home.

Managing people can be hard enough, but working from home or remotely adds an extra layer of complexity, which this training helps to resolve. As many organisations have been forced to adjust to their people working from home, the challenges of managing remotely have been experienced by many managers for the first time.

This managing remote employees training workshop focuses on the differences of managing people remotely and builds on the principles of people management. The result is a set of ideas and strategies which you can use immediately.

This is a practical session that looks at the reality of managing people remotely. We lwork on the real life challenges experienced when people are working from home, for both the employee and the manager.
Strategies, tips and ideas are developed to help managers develop an individual action plan for each of their employees. 

Outcomes of Managing Remote Employees Training

By the end of the workshop you will have:

  • A better appreciation and context for the challenges of managing people remotely, so that you are better prepared for how to manage.
  • Gained strategies for managing people remotely, which you can implement immediately.
  • Discussed ideas on the details required for successful remote management, so that you can apply the ideas to your team.
  • Begun the development of personalised action plans for each member of your team, because actions need to be adapted to ecach individual.

Virtual Training

This training is run as a virtual workshop. We have been delivering training virtually for over 10 years. Whilst the virtual certainly has its challenges, our observation is that the learning outcomes are very similar to live classroom sessions. This means that the learning outputs can be achieved successfully with vrtual training.

Workshop Reviews

Our style of interactive workshops even in the virtual world works very well. Our participants appreciate this approach especially in the virtual world, whihc can be see in the feedback we receive from participants and clients. Take a look at some of our most recent reviews below.

Reviews Summary

Participants who review our trainnig score us 4.9 out of 5.

Managing remotely

Training Agenda

The following gives you an overview of the Managing Remote Employees  Training agenda. Based on discussion with you, we adapt and develop this to suit your needs, so that the actual training agenda delivers to your objectives.

Managing Remote Employees Training - Introduction & Overview

  • Introduction to the workshop.
  • Differences and challenges in managing people remotely.
  • Perceptions of the manager, perceptions of the managed.
  • Requirements for working remotely.

Time Management

  • The time demands of managing people remotely.

Managing the Person & the Process

  • What the process/work requires.
  • What the person needs.
  • Work groups, or teams?

Personalised Management

  • Individual assessment; personality, home situation, role, strengths & weaknesses.
  • Focus on performance.
  • Developing trust.
  • Personal plan.


  • Communication challenges.
  • Choices of communication.
  • Frequency required.

Personal Actions

  • Key areas for development.
  • Personal actions defined.

Managing remote employees training - Duration

This workshop can be tailored to suit your timing needs. We run it as a 90 minute, three hour and full day workshop. This means you can have the length of training you prefer.


Consider each person in your team in the context of the ITD Work Style Model.

Post workshop

One to one follow up as required.                  

managing remote employees training

Managing remote employees training - more

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