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Our Presentation Skills Training workshop will boost your confidence and your skills.

Presentation skills training with ITD will have a huge impact on your skills and confidence; with our blend of training and coaching you develop both during the workshop. Working on your presentation in the training, you get feedback and ideas on how to improve it from the experienced training consultant. If you’ve got specific questions these will be answered. Typical questions we are asked include; 

  • How to present complex data?
  • How to structure your presentation?
  • Whether to use PowerPoint or not?
  • What to do with your hands?

You will develop your content and how to present it as we do live coaching. This means you present part of your presentation, receive feedback, and present again. In this was you develop and improve your skills.

ITD approach to Presentation Skills Training

The ITD approach to presentation skills training helps people increase their skills and confidence. 

We have worked with a very wide range of roles including; Managers, Sales People, Research Nurses, Scientists and Lawyers and many others to help develop their ability to present.

There are two key parts to this.

  1. Firstly knowing how to become a better presenter. This means in body language, knowledge of Powerpoint, your choice of words, your slide design, or any other of the many areas in presenting.
  2. The second is how we help you to develop your skills and confidence. We do this by creating an open and comfortable learning environment in the training room. We also achieve this through our knowledge of behavioural change theories, so that we can help you put in place the changes you want to make. 

This means we help people deliver. Where sometimes training just gives tips and ideas, we help change behaviours.

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itdLIVE gives you over 90 learning videos of content on presentation skills. These short videos give you ideas and tips on how to improve your presentation skills. From 30 seconds to 3 or 4 minutes you get what you need quickly. It’s like having access to a trainer whenever you need one.

Just log in and find the content you need by either using the search bar, or drop down menu.

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Our philosophy with presentation skills training

Our presentation skills training uses a live approach to personal development. That means you will be practising your skills and thinking about your style of presentation throughout the training session.

Our skill is in creating a comfortable atmosphere for you to practice in. With feedback from our training consultant you will improve during the session. We’ve done this with many people and no matter how nervous, or unsure they are at the beginning, they always improve.

We tailor the training to suit your development needs. Whatever you need to focus on we cover that area with you, from body langauge, to structure, or how to handle questions. 

The ITD Presenting With Impact model

Presentation skills training
Presentation skills training is based on these four key factors to ensure you are Presenting with Impact

"You too can improve your confidence in presenting; we've seen it many times and with many different roles."

Models covered in our Presentation Skills Training

Presentation Content Checker

This ITD tool helps you assess the content of your presentation for clarity and style. This means you will leave the training with a better presentation.

Personal Behavioural Change Model

Based on our behavioural scientist's work, this model gives you the best chance to make the changes you want to make.

Impact Assessment Tool

The ITD Impact Assessment tool helps you to get feedback on your impact and identifies ways in which you could improve.

ITD Coaching Checklist

The ITD Coaching Checklist can be used by you and your coach to ensure consistent performance.

Some of the countries where we have delivered our Presentation Skills Training

Some of our Presentation Skills Training clients

Roles and teams we have helped with our Presentation Skills Training

What will you learn from our Presentation Skills Training?

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"When you present the most important thing is YOU; how you engage; how you present; how you relate your content to your audience."

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Typical challenges of participants on our Presentation Skills Training

ITD Presentation Skills Training
Presentation skills training with ITD will have an immediate impact on your confidence in presenting to both internal and external audiences

How does our Presentation Skills Training help you to deliver better presentations?

What sort of presentations does our presentations skills training help with?

What does our Presentation Skills Training include?

Our presentation skills training includes a variety of elements depending on your needs. Please see the standard course overview below, on which we can base a discussion.

The emphasis of the training is driven by your needs. So for example, one client wanted us to help senior sales people with their conference presentations; to make sure they were as professional as possible and had the maximum impact. Another client wanted us to help make their Associate lawyers give more engaging presentations.

You can have whatever you want, because we help you achieve your objectives.


The cost of your presentation skills training course depends on; how long the session runs for; the number of people; the number of sessions. We do not charge for adapting the training to fit your needs. Contact us for a quote.

"An image says a thousand words, so don't show so many words, replace them with an image if you can."

Presentation Skills Training course overview

When you participate in one of our presentation skills training workshops you will learn a great deal. And you will practice what you learn.  We’ve used this approach with many people, and it works. We’ve been doing this for over 20 years, so we know what works and what doesn’t and we know when to push and when we should stay quiet to let you get on with it.

By the end you will be more confident. You will know how to present a professional presentation. Working with your colleagues, you will be able to look at others and critique them. You will be a far better presenter compared to than minute 1 of the workshop.

Pre workshop activity

We discuss with you your objectives and the participant’s training needs and those of the organisation. We will draft a training workshop outline tailored to your needs. Once this outline has been agreed we develop the content, based on our existing presentation skills training modules. Participants complete a short one page questionnaire to assess their abilities and learning needs.

How long does the training take?

Our sessions last from 1 hour seminar style sessions, to half day, full day, to a two day developmental training session. On average most of our presentations skills workshops are either half a day to one day.

Where can we deliver this training?

We can deliver your presentation skills training wherever you are. We’ve run training sessions in many different countries.

In which venues can the training take place?

Usually we deliver the training workshops in client’s offices, or sometimes hotels or conference centres. We can help you find the right venue.

Typical Agenda

  • Introduction & objectives
  • The basics of presenting – ITD checklist
  • Identification of learning areas to be covered in the session
  • Individual learning goals
  • Confidence levels and how we are going to increase them
  • The context of your presentation
  • What your audience wants to hear
  • Slide construction
  • How many slides
  • The role of slides, the role of the presenter
  • When not to use slides and try something different
  • Typical errors in presenting
  • How to get it right
  • Keeping your audience engaged and informed
  • The start, the middle & the end
  • The big finish
  • Developing your presenting style around your natural style
  • Telling stories to engage the audience
  • Importance of body language
  • Controlling movement, hand gestures and eye contact
  • Practice
  • Feedback
  • Personal actions for follow up

Post workshop activity

  • Participants leave the training with individual actions
  • Email training follow up of personal action plans
  • Suggested conversation with their line manager on their actions
  • Optional WebEx conference call follow up on these actions
  • Optional 121 coaching
  • ITD blog with further tips and suggestions


  1. Specific feedback and ideas tailored to your needs.
  2. Improve skills in delivering high impact presentations.
  3. Improve relevance of your presentations from the audience’s perspective.
  4. More interesting presentations.
  5. Better style and body language.
  6. Improve slides both in terms of number of slides and slide content.
  7. Improve verbal communication in the choice of words.
  8. Increase confidence in delivering presentations.

Client feedback

  • “The feedback from all the senior salespeople on the presentation skills training was that they all learnt a lot and they improved in preparation for the conference.”
  • “Brilliant day, which challenged us and saw everyone improve.”
  • “I really didn’t want to present but it was so valuable to practice.”
  • “I learnt a great deal, not least from my colleagues and the feedback they gave.”

Participant comments

  • “Very interesting training with new ideas on how to create and deliver a presentation full of impact.”
  • “I had not looked at presenting in this way before, it changes how I will prepare in the future.”
  • “Excellent presentation skills training which really made me think about my whole approach. It was very encouraging to get good feedback on my style, but also great to have lots to work on.”
  • “I will look less at the slides and more at how I can create impact.”
  • “I thought the slides were the important part but by practicing the other ideas I can see how the slides are almost a distraction.”
Your Personality at Work
Understanding your personality and the overall model, will give you insight into your presenting style, and into the needs of your audience.

Presentation Skills Training - Case study

This international bio-pharma business needed to develop the skills of its resellers in the Middle East and South Asia. They commissioned ITD to design and deliver presentation skills training for this diverse group.


Resellers can be a good way of getting distribution into countries which are not economic to open a full subsidiary office.

The challenge is that resellers tend to sell a wide range of products and so do not immediately have the product knowledge that employees develop. Training resellers is a necessity but it also needs to be done under a tight budget. For this reason this presentation skills training event was designed to help the resellers with their product knowledge, and their ability to present. It included over 60 participants from ten countries. As one of the participants said, “We need this presentation skills training from experts who can tell us exactly how to do it, and what not do!”



The objective of the training was to develop the confidence of key re-sellers to present products to their clients in their countries in the Middle East and South Asia. This included their product knowledge and their confidence in presenting this knowledge.



The client has an overseas office that acts as the central office for many other countries. The client wished to get their re-sellers together to review how to present their product and at the same time improve their presenting with impact skills. Sixty representatives from Eastern Europe, the Middle East & the Indian Sub Continent gathered in Greece for a three day meeting including one day for the presenting session.

Using four ITD consultants, some of whom used local language to work in, the day was topped and tailed with large group sessions. The first of these was a demonstration of how not to do it. The ITD consultants showed how not to present whilst participants in small groups scored points for identifying the errors. This proved an excellent way of breaking the ice and making the participants recognise some of their development areas and take comfort that they were not alone.

Four ITD training consultants presented in conjunction with 2 client colleagues. The session was a blend of presenting what was required followed by break out sessions in smaller groups for practice.

Top tips were drip fed into the two day session, with feedback encouraged between participants.

Quizzes were also used in competition to develop the participants knowledge of the products. This was a back up to more formal on line training available to all resellers.



Each participant gained specific knowledge on how to present the client products. It was felt to be a fantastic learning experience which was fun and very productive at the same time. The ITD consultants used entertaining demonstration which went down very well.

The training meeting overall was a great success with participants feeling that they had not only learnt about the product, but had developed their presentation skills for use with these products and generally.


What the client said

  • “ITD did a great job and completely delivered on our expectations.”
  • “We wanted the resellers to benefit from a professional approach to presenting our products, so we commissioned ITD to deliver this presentation skills training. the event went very well, the resellers are delighted and so are we.”

What the participants said

  • “It was an excellent meeting, with very professional presenters, from whom we learnt a great deal.”
  • “ITD made it great fun and took most of our nerves away.”
  • “They gave us very clear and precise ideas in the training on how to get better at presenting.”
  • “I particularly liked the piece on presenting value, so as not to always talk about price.”

Why do organisations choose ITD for their Presentation Skills Training?

Body Language tips when Presenting

Eye contact – Give equal amounts of eye contact across the room. If you tend to ‘find a friend’ and only give them eye contact others may feel excluded.

Where to stand – Stand so that everyone can see you. Where you can move slides on if a physical mouse, a remote mouse is better as it gives you more freedom of where to stand. Stand where you are not hidden by furniture, a podium or anything else.

What to do with your hands – Minimise the distraction of your hands by finding a rest position. Typically with arms bent, hands forward and clasped. From this position you can express yourself with hand movements comfortably and professionally.

Stop fiddling – Fiddling can be a huge distraction for the audience. Once they see the fiddle they may not be able to stop seeing it. When you fiddle and you fiddle with something, remove that thing! If it’s a pen or pencil put it down. If it’s a bracelet, take it off. And if it’s ear rings, remove them.

How to stand – Weight evenly balanced, or slightly more weight on one leg. But the latter can look less professional if the weight is too imbalanced.

Should I look at the screen? – Generally no. It turns your back to the audience and demonstrates a lack of certainty. Have your slides on the laptop in front of you or to the side, so that you can see what they can see.

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