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Personality At Work Training

Personality is a key driver of our behaviours and the way we do our work, our Personality At Work training gives you insight into how this works.

The impact of personality

Personality impacts every part of our work. Consider how you write an email, do you draft a brief concise message or do you include all relevant details and context. When you produce a document, do you create a rough draft and share it for contributions, or do you write the complete document and check it multiple times for accuracy. If you’re in a meeting are you impatient for it to get going and stay on track, or are you happy to have some chit chat and catch up with people first.

Personality drives all these behaviours and affects everything we do at work. But we’re not just one thing. We don’t necessarily have one style driving all our behaviours; chances are you’re a complex mix of multipe styles. The challenge is to understand the style that is driving our behaviours, and that’s exactly what this training helps you to do.

ITD Work Styles Model

We have developed the ITD Work Styles Model as our personality model. It’s based on the work of Carl Jung, as are all other models. Our model is easy and quick to understand and simple to apply.


In preparation for the workshop you complete our online questionnaire. It takes just a few minutes and you are sent your scores and descriptions of the styles by email. Check out the questionnaire here.  

To add to this you can also ask others you work with to give you their perspective on your work styles. They complete a similar questionnaire, and we compare their perspective with yours. Check out our feedback questionnaire here.


Workshop Agenda

The workshop follows this overall agenda, but we adapt this to suit your needs:

  • Introduction to the model.
  • Warning: What any model cannot tell you.
  • The four styles.
  • Your scores.
  • Understanding your scores.
  • Reflecting on your behaviours driven by your personality.
  • Worming with and adapting to your work styles.
  • Feedback scores and how they compare.
  • Working with others.
  • Assessing other people’s work styles.
  • Impact on communication.
  • Impact on supervision / management.
  • Summary.
  • Personal actions.


Participants of this training gain a better insight on their own behavious and those of others.

Here's a screenshot of feedback from a Personality at Work Virtual Training Workshop

Virtual or Live

This training is delivered either live or virtually.

Follow up - WhatsApp WorkCoach

You can access further support and ideas through our WhatsApp WorkCoach. This works by you sending a voice note or message with a query, and then receiving a similar messsage back.

Participant Reviews

The following give you a sample of feedback from our most recent training.

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