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Personal Efficiency Training Workshop feedback:

“Personal Efficiency Training Review: This was truly an amazing workshop. The trainer was highly engaging and the sessions were interactive allowing all participants the chance to contribute and share their own experiences/examples. The course helped me to identify the potential causes of inefficiency as well as provide practical steps to develop action plans to develop personal efficiency. I highly recommend this training to anyone seeking to learn how to do things more efficiently and achieve long lasting results.”

Half day virtual personal efficiency training workshop

personal efficiency half day workshop

Learn why when you sometimes decide on an action to become more efficient, it just doesn’t happen. Review your own efficiency and get ideas on how to improve.

This is a very practical workshop with ideas introduced and applied to your needs.

  • Review your time efficiency.
  • Learn behavioural change techniques.
  • Learn time efficiency ideas.
  • Gain coaching on your challenges.
  • Use our behavioural change action tool.
  • Develop personal actions.

3.5 hours

A very interactive session, that is focussed on your needs.

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Full day virtual personal efficiency training workshop

full day workshop

This is delivered in two half day sessions. The extra time ensures you can apply the ideas to your work life and get coaching input from the experienced trainer.

This session is tailored to your needs. During the workshop there is  time to discuss your situation.

  • Review your time efficiency and opportunities for improvement.
  • Learn behavioural change techniques and how they apply to you.
  • Learn time efficiency ideas applied to your situation.
  • Receive personal coaching on your challenges.
  • Use our behavioural change action tool with your situations.

3.5 hours x 2

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Personal efficiency open training course

personal efficiency course
Open public personal efficiency training course

Our open course on personal efficiency is a way to access this course as an individual. You simply pay to attend the open training course. Read more

What is Personal Efficiency Training about?

Personal efficiency training is, quite simply, about helping people to become more efficient. Where traditional time management training gives you ideas and tips on how to manage your time, personal efficiency training goes one step further. We help individuals work out how they can personally become more efficient. Our approach includes support in implementing these new ideas and approaches to work.

We look at the underlying issues behind your time management challenges. And we encourage and facilitate personal awareness of your self management.

Once we have a clear view of the issues you’re facing, we work out a plan for you on how to become more efficient. We do this using some of the most up to date theories of behavioural change. This means that you will have the best possible chance of implementing your actions and making a positive change.

“I have blocked off time in my calendar for the work I need to do, especially the stuff which I would normally procrastinate over. It works and I am getting the work done.”

How does personal efficiency training relate to time management?

We look at it this way; time management is about tips and techniques for using your time more effectively. Advanced time management is about more sophisticated ideas to achieve the same goals.

Personal efficiency is about knowing these ideas and working out how they can work for you and how you can implement new behaviours.

“I am now using the contracts technique I learned in the training. I now have contracts with senior people to get their input where I need it on projects. It really works to keep things moving.”

Training based on research

Our personal efficiency training is based on research carried out over the last 30 years by some very eminent people in the health sector. They work in an area where behavioural change can mean the difference between life and death. We might think making a change is therefore easy with such motivation. Not so. The research finds that the psychology behind behavioural change is the same for us all.

Our training uses these principles and applies them to personal efficiency. We explain why, even when we know the right thing to do, we still don’t do it.

With this knowledge you will be better placed to make the changes you want and need to make and so improve your efficiency at work.

Analysis of your work will identify the opportunities for improvement

Participant Reviews

The following reviews are from our most recent training.

The ITD approach

Personal efficiency training from ITD helps people become more efficient at work by giving practical tips and ideas for every day situations, tailored to their needs. And more than that we support and enable people to implement these ideas in the workplace.

At ITD we’ve been training on time management for years, but this new approach is focused on outputs rather than just inputs. That is, implementing actions not just ideas on what to do, to improve personal efficiency. For example, from time management training you know it is a good idea to plan your time for the week ahead. The personal efficiency approach helps you work out how to make this behavioural change within the context of work role and your work load.

Who is this training appropriate for?

Personal efficiency training is becoming essential for more and more people. The volume and pressure of work is increasing. With more collaboration and project work, specific roles are becoming blurred and the scope for increasing work load is growing. The need for improving personal efficiency through training is needed more than ever.

As work has migrated into the home, the temptation to put in more hours has increased. But this has had huge negative pressure on efficiency, with many people doing more hours both during the week and at weekends.

With the move of work into the home, the need to understand the behavioural side of personal efficiency has never been greater.

To date we have trained the following roles in personal efficiency training:
“I have delegated more. My challenge was that because I care so much about the quality of work I find it difficult to delegate. But using these techniques I can recognise the quality needed, oversee the work and delegate more, which is giving me more time to manage.”

Top 10 challenges of participants of our personal efficiency training

How do we adapt our personal efficiency training to fit your needs?

  1. It starts with a  discussion on the reasons why you think personal efficiency training could help your organisation. We’ll talk about your people, their experience, their goals, the requirements of the roles and your perception of their expectations. We’ll discuss the outcomes you would like to see. And if you agree, we’ll also talk to some of your people to get their thoughts and views.
  2. We then design a programme of personal efficiency training which will achieve your goals. This is likely to involve a pre-workshop conference call, individual work, a half or one day workshop, and then follow up.
  3. We’ll agree how to measure the success of your investment and how ITD works with you to embed the learning and reinforce ideas gained in your personal efficiency training.
Personal efficiency training works
Personal efficiency training works in many ways and its impact varies depending on your needs.

Personal Efficiency Training Workshop Overview

The following details will give you an idea of what can be included in personal efficiency training from ITD. The actual agenda will be designed around your specific needs, so please call us to discuss these.

Pre-workshop call

The pre-workshop conference call explains the programme in more detail to ensure everyone understands how it works. Personal challenges are reviewed which then form personal goals for the programme. Participants are asked to record their time using a specific format, the outputs of which will be reviewed in the workshop.


The following agenda can be adapted and designed to fit your needs at no extra cost:

Post workshop call

We schedule a call for 3 to 4 weeks after the workshop. During the call participants discuss what’s worked, what hasn’t and where they would like to make progress. We find the call gives participants a focus to help them put their actions into practice.

Training outcomes

Participants of our personal efficiency training tend to come out of the programme with some of the following:

  1. A clear idea of what they need to do to improve their personal efficiency.
  2. Practical ideas to help with their personal challenges.
  3. Ideas on how to ensure the changes they want to make becomes their priority.
  4. Practice on how to implement their actions, e.g. with assertiveness, or conversations with clients, colleagues or their manager.
  5. A greater awareness of the different aspects of personal efficiency.
  6. Practical ideas on the implementation of actions; how to increase the chances of success; how to set realistic goals; when to try to change and when not too; when support is needed and where support can be accessed for changing behaviours.

Participant feedback

  • “Very different approach, which works.”
  • “It was tailored to the issues of participants. Liked that it was not slide focused.”
  • “I found the approach of focusing on actions with pockets of theory supporting very useful. I have come away with clear action points.”
  • “It was really good to get not just ideas but how I can implement them.”
  • “I like the workshop and especially the interaction between the participants. It is very encouraging to talk with people experiencing the same challenges.”
  • “I have taken on board the ideas, I have implemented them and it has worked.”

Client case studies

personal efficiency coaching
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Lgeal Department Personal Efficiency Training
Whole Team Personal Efficiency Training
Whole Team Personal Efficiency Training
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Director Level Personal Efficiency Training

Why choose ITD for your personal efficiency training?

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