Delegation skills for lawyers
Delegation skills can be improved with training to benefit lawyers and the firm

Delegation skills are important both for the lawyer and the firm. Work has to be carried out at the right level to ensure cost effectiveness. Senior lawyers need to develop the competence of their team and the practice area. This training session helps lawyers to improve their delegation skills.

"The trouble with delegating is I could do it quicker myself." Senior lawyer.

Why are delegation skills a challenge for many lawyers?

This is a common challenge for lawyers at all levels including Associates and Partners. Here are some of the common reasons:

  • "It would be quicker for me to do the work myself."
  • "I haven't got the time to delegate."
  • "I will need to check and correct their work anyway!"
  • "The client expects me to do the work."
  • "It's my client."
  • For the analytical lawyer it is a question of getting the work done correctly.
  • For the direct lawyer it is a question of not having the time, or patience to delegate.

"My challenge is that I need to delegate to someone who is much older than me." Junior lawyer.

Levels of Delegation Skills training from Senior Lawyers to Junior Lawyers

We have developed this delegation skills training session to work at different levels in the firm, from senior lawyers to junior lawyers. The difference with these levels is that senior lawyers know they should do it, have the confidence to be able to do it, whereas junior lawyers very often do not have the confidence. Our training is adapted to the level required for your lawyers, or to work for different levels in the same session.

Delegation Skills for Senior Lawyers

Senior lawyers often don’t delegate as a conscious choice, even though they know they should. This could be for a number of reasons as indicated above plus a belief that the junior person won’t do a good job, or simply a lack of knowledge on how to delegate successfully. Senior lawyers tend to need a workshop which understands their challenges and gives them tools to improve their delegation.

Delegation Skills for Junior Lawyers

For the junior lawyer the session needs to work on their confidence in their delegation skills and how to delegate successfully. As one participant put it, “I’m delegating to someone who is much much older than me.” or as another said, “I have to delegate to someone who has been at the firm longer than I have been alive!”

At the junior lawyer level we include role plays. We have these already written as drafts and then develop the role plays based on your typical situations. These include conversations with PAs, secretaries, business services and paralegals.

Objectives of the session

For the senior lawyer successful delegation skills are fundamental to a motivated team. For the junior lawyer delegation skills are essential to manage work efficiently. This workshop explores the individual lawyer’s automatic style of delegating. This automatic style is often driven by their personality, for this we use our personality model. This model is simple to understand and easy to apply. It reviews a variety of ideas for developing delegation skills in the context of a time pressured day.

The specific objectives for the session are:

  • Deliver clear and effective ideas on how to improve delegation.
  • Ensure the ideas and concepts covered are easy to understand and simple to apply.
  • Relate the ideas to the participants' real situations.
  • Help the participants with their challenges in delegation.


This session can be delivered in any of the following formats:

  • One hour taster session.
  • 2 hour overview session.
  • 3 hour workshop.
  • 6 hour workshop.

Delegation skills based on personality

time management training
One of the models we use in the delegation skills for lawyers training. The feedback we get is that lawyers find this really useful. Read more participant feedback on our training reviews page

Delegation Skills Agenda

  • Introductions and objectives.
  • Why delegating is a challenge for many lawyers.
  • How not to delegate.
  • Impact of not delegating professionally.
  • Challenges of delegating within the team and with other teams.
  • Benefits of delegating.
  • Styles of delegation.
  • Understanding work styles as a basis for delegating.
  • Gaining commitment as a delegator.
  • Agreeing to follow up.
  • Working across departments.
  • Participants' scenarios
  • Practice situations
  • What to do ifs.
  • Personal actions

We will adapt this agenda to suit the needs of your firm and the participants. We can make it practice area specific and suited to the specific level of lawyers, whether they be partners, 3 to 4 years qualified, or junior lawyers.

Follow up support

Emails are sent to participants as a reminder of their action points. We find these are well received as even when lawyers like a session, they soon get distracted once back to their desks.


This session gets excellent feedback because it is very practical and based on real situations. Participants gain the following:

  • A better understanding of the dynamics of delegating.
  • Ideas on how to improve their delegation skills.
  • Concepts to better appreciate the needs of the people they are delegating to.
  • A personal action plan.
  • Improved delegation skills.

Download our Delegation for Lawyers Workshop Outline

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