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Our business services training is developed to help those working in law firms

Business services training

Our business services training is tailored to your firm and the participants. Sometimes called business services, business professionals or support staff, but always an essential part of any successful law firm. We’ve been working with law firms for over 20 years. We’ve had the privilege of working with some amazingly capable people in many different countries. We’ve worked with business services people to improve, develop and help them with many different challenges.

We give ideas within the context of the firm and the area the participants work in. We work with people to help implement new ideas. When it works, it’s the best feeling. Getting feedback that someone has implemented an action with an outstanding result is fantastic. So follow up is key, as is making sure the content is tailored to the firm and the participants.

Training Courses

online coaching
Executive Coaching
assertiveness training for business professionals
Assertiveness Training
customer service training
Customer Service Training
Handling Difficult Conversations Training
Difficult Conversations
Financial awareness training
Financial Awareness Training
virtual project management training
Virtual Project Management Training
Leadership training
Leadership Training
Virtual Presentation Skills Training
Presenting with Impact Virtually
virtual teamwork training
Virtual Teamwork Training
managing remote employees training
Managing Remote Employees
Practical Management Training
Practical Management Training
Communication skills training
Communication Skills Training
Personality at work
Personality At Work Training
personality profile
Managing People By Personality
Written communication skills training - tablet
Written Communication Training
Nudge training - door
Nudge Training
presentation skills training
Presentation Skills Training
Teamwork training
Teamwork Training
project management training
Project Management Training
Stress management training
Stress Management Training
Resilience Training
Resilience Training
personal efficiency training
Personal Efficiency Training
presentation skills coaching
Presentation Skills Coaching
Managing people
People Management Training
working from home
WFH Time Management Training
developing confidence training
Developing Confidence in Communication
managing upwards training
Manging Upwards Training

The ITD approach to business services training

Because professional services firms and law firms in particular have distinct cultures, it is necessary to be experienced in this culture to make sure the training is relevant and useful.

Our approach is to start with the dynamics of the culture of the firm and set the training into this context. We tend to develop workshops rather than courses, which means the participants are working on their situations and challenges in the training. Ideas are presented in the context of the firm, with examples taken from law firm experiences.

Tailored Training

We tailor all our training workshops to your firm and your participants. Case studies and scenarios are written in the context of the firm and the needs of the training. In the workshop itself we tailor the ideas introduced to the participants. Please read our training reviews to see what participants say about our workshop style. 

Functional areas

Working with people in law firms has its own set of challenges. Practice areas have individual dynamics. The dynamic of a litigation team can be very different from clinical negligence or pensions team. The same can be true of the dynamics of different functional areas in business services. Here are some of the areas we have worked with:

Client Case Studies

These are some examples of our work with clients. Take a look at a larger range of client case studies.

clifford chance
Nudge Training
Delegation & Communication Training
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Project Managemement Training
Time & Work Management Training
Clarke Willmott logo
Developing Confidence in Communication
clifford chance
Professional Business Communication
Negotiating fees
Negotiation Skills Training
Wragge & Co
Working with Multiple Lawyers
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Personality at Work Training

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