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Orrick focus on serving the Technology, Energy & Infrastructure and Finance sectors globally. Clients worldwide call on their teams for forward-looking commercial advice on transactions, litigation and compliance matters. Orrick brings distinctive quality, teamwork and value to the table – and innovate in everything they do.


The London office asked us to develop a bespoke management training session, which would focus on helping the business professionals. Participanst would be from offices in the Europe region.


It was very much a personal development emphasis with participants required to take a look at their skills and explore development areas. For this reason we used the the Work Style Model. 


The agenda for the training was as follows:

  • Introduction, objectives & Orrick’s expectations
  • Participants’ view of the challenges of management.
  • Key responsibilities & areas of focus for the role
  • Self assessment report Work Styles Model.
  • Identifying the appropriate style in different situations.
  • Bringing out the best in your people – how to give them work.
  • Situations – given & live scenarios.
  • Managing upwards proving & gaining credibility.
  • Key behaviours in managing people.
  • Handling difficult situations.
  • Summary of workshop & action plans.


Each participant gained a series of ideas for their self development.

Participant Feedback

“Thank you for the training. It was so interesting and I learnt a lot about myself.”

“Very good session.”

“It gave me a lot to think about.”

Client Comments

“Martin certainly delivered against the brief. Everyone really enoyed the training and gained some very useful ideas from it.”